Letter of the week: town needs studio

In response to the article about the possible loss of Great Central Studio,on Lower Hillmorton Road, (Advertiser November 1) I would like to say one thing - Rugby needs Central Studio .I would then like to continue and explain why.

I have been playing in bands since my distant school days and still do so now with lots less hair and many more responsibilities.

The only place in town that has consistently provided bands with a professional rehearsal space for over 20 years is Central Studios. Under the mangement of Pete Bain, Central Studios not only provides a rehearsal space but as also the place where bands meet, exchange ideas, instruments, sometimes band members but is a unique hub for musicians.

Using this place and listening to the other bands rehearsing in the neighbouring studio you begin to appreciate the wealth and diversity of the talent in and around Rugby but without this place the network it provides would be lost. Playing music wether in a band or solo is something to be nurtured and encouraged. Teenagers have very little provided for them in this town. Playing in a band is a great thing to do, you get to play loud music and get things off your chest and if people like it or not the point is you are doing something real.

I very much hope that there be some serious thinking going on to decide the outcome of this it may be a lot more important than you realise.

Steven Bryan.

Via email.