Letter of the Week: we’ll swap DIRFT for a crematorium

It is just amazing how people fight their corners.

We are told that the people of Willoughby cannot be upset by a crematorium in their area, nor can the people of the Ashlawn estate.

However, the people of Clifton, Lilbourne and Crick are so unimportant that they can have the M1, DIRFT1, DIRFT2, and now DIRFT3. They also have the smells of the meat factory together with another industrial estate bordering the M1.

Work has begun on the Yelvertoft wind farm which again borders the M1.

So the poor people living in this area are presently being told that a crematorium would be just fine on any spare land at DIRFT3

I would actually prefer a crematorium to DIRFT3 and the unfinished mess of DIRFT2 with its ugly multi-storey car park.

So people of Willoughby and Ashlawn, let’s do a swap. You have the industrial site and let the crematorium move to the A5.

F Smith,

Elkington Road, Yelvertoft.