Letter of the week: we need all these jobs

What planet are you living on exactly Mr Bluett? [‘Too many warehouses, Advertiser letters May 24].

Any jobs are better than no jobs! The development at DIRFT already employs thousands of people, and the proposed development will secure thousands more jobs for many years to come. This area is at the heart of the logistics “golden triangle” with access to the vast majority of the country within an LGV driver’s legal duty time.

Rail connections ensure the green credentials for a sustainable logistics park, reducing the road miles further. I suspect the highly skilled workforce who were laid off at Ryton on 24k a year for a windscreen wiper fitter (so highly skilled my 11- year-old could do it), would love a job paying similar money in a warehouse. A lot of initiative and capability is needed in a modern warehouse.

Your comments about the Eastern European workforce are worrying to say the least. They are prepared to move thousands of miles away from their families and work hard to provide for them, whilst the benefit-chasing youth our education system creates these days just wants to hang around the streets doing nothing.

I’m sorry, you really need to wake up to reality; the country is sitting on its rear end through the fault of the previous administration and the global downturn, we need investment in our area not narrow-mindedness.

Jake Stevenson,

Whernside, Brownsover.