Letter of the week: we’re doing it already

ONCE again borough councillor Howard Roberts has 
campaigned in your newspaper on matters already in hand or previously examined by Warwickshire County Council officers [‘Dangers of Cawston Lane to be highlighted in petition’, 
Advertiser August 30].

Cawston Lane is included in my current WCC schedule for repairs and maintenance. There is no need for a petition to be raised.

The lane is scheduled for repair on September 10 and the hedges have already been cut.

With reference to widening this road, the Dunchurch parish council chairman has raised this in the past when two main issues prevailed, ie finance and safety.

These still apply. The cost of purchasing the land to widen the road is prohibitive.

From a safety viewpoint, the minor impact damage recorded at present from vehicles travelling on a narrow road must be measured against the potential major impact damage caused by an inevitable increase in speeding which would happen with a wider road.

As a county councillor, it is my responsibility to ensure the 12 villages and highways in my division are kept up to standards of safety with the necessary repairs and maintenance requested by residents.

As always, I shall be pleased to receive direct notice of any future action required by WCC.

Cllr Robin Hazelton,

Dunchurch division, WCC.