Letter of the week: when speed is a killer

To the person who drove through the village of Willoughby, last Thursday (June 14) in the morning and ran over and killed one of the ducks from our duck pond.

This duck was a new mum to 11 ducklings who you left orphaned. Thank you for not stopping to help, and for leaving it up to one of the villagers to remove her from the road to ensure the safety of the ducklings who were huddled next to her dead body.

You obviously have no conscience otherwise you would have stopped, so I guess there is no point in telling you that as a result of your careless driving, not only the mum was killed but we have also now lost eight of those babies as they couldn’t survive without her.

We now only have three ducklings, which by the time this is published will probably also be dead.

Your irresponsible behaviour wiped out a whole family, so I hope whatever you were rushing for was worth it.

Willoughby is a quiet traditional village; with a constant speeding traffic problem. It is not a cut-through or a rat-run. Children do still play in the street, some lanes don’t have pavements so to come across a dog walker in the road is not uncommon.

Remember next time you are late for work, late for the school run or taking a short cut, it may not just be a duck and her ducklings in the road. Next time it could be a child.

If you require a racetrack with hairpin bends then Silverstone is just near to Towcester, it is not located in Willoughby.

J C Bateman,