Musicians need a space

The practice and recording building on Lower Hillmorton Road is closing in a few weeks’ time.

Can’t believe this just as Callum and the award- winning Vault are doing so much for Rugby music scene, bringing top bands to play here and giving lots of local bands a great platform by supporting them.

Now there will be nowhere for them to practise. Come on Rugby council and help this vital amenity continue somewhere in Rugby.

Surely there is somewhere the council can find an empty building – what about the old cafe at the top of Lawford Road?

Is there a small empty unit on Somers Road, The Old Engine Pub off Oliver Street behind the Workers, the LA Central Bar by the John Barford car park?

They are just finishing building an arts centre at Ashlawn School with music a big part of this – but there’s no point if the kids can’t practise anywhere.

Or perhaps the school can offer some help?

My son and his friends have been using this place to practise for over ten years, and lots of the local bands including One Eyed Jack, White Men Can’t Funk and Ol Rosie wouldn’t be in Rugby and surrounding area if not for this great venue.

For all current and future musicians old and young a suitable place needs to be found rather quickly.

Lisa Dobbin

via email