Thanks for the support

I would like to thank all the residents of Newbold and Brownsover who kindly gave me their vote in the Rugby Borough Council elections last Thursday.

Whilst I was disappointed not to be elected in this particular ward (a pretty difficult task!) I was very pleased that the Conservatives kept firm control of the council, enabling us to carry on with the good work we are doing in Rugby.

The results proved quite categorically that the people of Rugby are delighted with their Conservative-led council.

Whilst talking to people on the doorstep in recent months many raised issues with me which will be of concern to both local councillors and our member of Parliament.

Those people can rest assured I will passing on information to the relevant persons to take action and will also be doing all I can to help them, where able, myself.

My great hope is that the people of Newbold and Brownsover will see positive change in the area over the coming years and that they will be well served by those who they have chosen to represent them.

I trust that their new councillors will fight even harder than before to ensure that they get the facilities and services they truly deserve and I fully support them in their efforts.

Yousef Dahmash,

Vernon Avenue, Rugby.