Together for our town

I have noted with interest our MP’s comments in the media recently about tackling the massive deficit left by Labour.

We all recognise the country is going through very difficult times and as we go through these times I am always reminded about the note left by a Labour minister saying “there is no money left”.

Warwickshire County Council, as well as Rugby Borough Council, is looking to achieve savings a process started under Labour.

Local Government has always been the whipping boy for any Government.

Our MP is aware of the pressure and while he can make statements (as he has) it is increasingly clear funding for some organisations will be stopped and it will be Conservative-led councils taking the decisions, not our MP or Government.

Examples of this are the proposal to cease all youth work in Warwickshire, to reduce funding to a wide range of voluntary groups and proposals to close care homes - the list goes on.

I, along with other councillors, are already getting letters, as he will be. The cake this time is smaller than it has ever been and can only be cut in so many ways.

We must ensure cuts are not just a financial exercise in saving money but are also seen as an opportunity to think differently and improve services especially to the most vulnerable.

I am concerned we could see older people shunted around and that there will be little or no dignity for those we are supposed to care for.

As we go through these difficult times I have been disappointed at the level of engagement with local people and communities about the savings needed.

As local politicians we need to put to one side our major differences and instead row in the same direction together for the benefit of our residents.

I am committed to fighting for local communities regardless of who is in Westminster.

It will not be the first time that local councillors have criticised and spoken against a Government of the same colour.

Jerry Roodhouse, leader, Liberal Democrat group, Rugby Borough Council.

Well done - for once

I AM one of the ‘usual suspects’.

Whenever Rugby Borough Council goes wrong, whether it is parking, traffic or any other work they have to do, I, with plenty of other people, am on the computer or the phone or am writing a letter of complaint.

When things go right not many people say so. Well maybe I can redress the balance.

In Rugby, we had plenty of snow before, during and after Christmas, as any other town in the country, Coventry and Birmingham included. Our road in particular was very icy and snowy.

Before and after Christmas we had our usual bin collections on time - no hassle or lame excuses.

On January 6, we had our usual black bin collection at about 7.30am and when I went to retrieve it at 8 am - no bin!

I telephoned the council and was told to call back in 24 hours if it was still missing and I would get a replacement.

I telephoned back and was told I would get a free one within five working days. At about 12.30 the same day, the bin was delivered! I couldn’t have asked for better service.

Well done Rugby borough and thank you.

Take a pat on the back and a round of applause from me - at least until the next time.

David Tuckey, Caldecott Street, Rugby

Voice in the wilderness

REGARDING the letter from Lilian Pallikaropoulos (‘Fighting on for Rugby’, Advertiser January 6).

I don’t know this lady personally, but I would like to thank her and I hope everyone gives her the support and help she truly deserves.

Her name has cropped up a few times and I hope one day to meet her. She fights and writes for a just cause - a voice in the wilderness.

I am letting her know she is being heard and I hope people in and around Cemex understand she is fighting for Rugby. We too should be with her.

It’s for our good that we live in a clean environment.

Cemex be more responsible too!

C A Gomm, Lawford Road, Rugby.


Chernobyl family help

You will perhaps recall in the past, articles in the Advertiser asking families to volunteer to host children from Chernobyl and from these we have been very successful in gaining committed families.

The whole family can enjoy activities with the children, and at the same time give something back to these less healthy youngsters.

This 25th anniversary year, the Chernobyl Children’s Project is struggling for two more families (eight needed in total) to host the four pairs of 14 and 15-year-old children visiting Rugby.

The project organises day trips for the children to the seaside and to London, as well as local activities (such as archery and canoeing).

Host families are asked to be involved in organising and taking part in all of these.

All the project is asking for is that families look after two children for two weeks in their home, and accompany them on the picnics and outings. It doesn’t matter if the hosts’ children are a different age, or if there are no children in the house.

The Chernobyl Children’s Project (UK) is a recognised charity and has been offering help like this, in Rugby, for 13 years.

It has given pleasure to many families and to the Chernobyl visitors.

Please phone Pat Brown on 07776 206066 or Marion Ainslow on 07783 760018 and find out which fortnights are available.

You won’t regret it!

Anne Rogers, Chernobyl Children’s Project UK, Rugby.

Rugby at the movies

IN June 1971 auditions were held at Rugby Theatre to find people to play small roles and be extras in a film to be directed by David Hemmings.

The film, whose cast included Robert Powell and Gayle Hunnicutt, was called Running Scared and was shot at various locations including Bilton Grange School, Braunston village and Daventry High Street.

Anyone who took part in the film, or who has any memories, photographs, newspaper cuttings or even a copy of the film, Braunston Film Club would love to hear from you.

If you can help in any way please contact Abigail on 07989 421836.

June Hayes, Cross Lane, Braunston.

Thanks for the brass

The District of Dunchurch Brass would like to say thank you to everybody who supported the band and for your kind donations whilst we were out carolling at Tesco and Sainsbury’s

We would also like to thank the kind lady who donation the teacups, saucers, spoons etc to the band.

Thank you to everybody who has helped to support the band over the four years that we have been going.

All players of any standard are most welcome to join the band. Call Colin Worrall on (01788) 814756 or Lorraine Goodacre on 07963 144704 for more information


Lorraine Goodacre, New Street, New Bilton, Rugby.

Helping the children

On behalf of the NSPCC, I would like to thank all your readers for their incredible support during 2010.

We are extremely grateful to those in Coventry and Warwickshire who have done their bit to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable children and families.

Through their generosity, we have been able to continue providing vital services for vulnerable children and families, including our two national helplines – ChildLine (0800 1111) for young people, and the NSPCC Helpline (0808 800 5000) for adults with a concern about a child.

There are many ways people can help the NSPCC to prevent cruelty to children in 2011.

Those who have made a new year’s resolution to get fit could find training for a Hike Against Cruelty to Kids (HACK) in the Malvern Hills on June 25 might be the challenge they are looking for.

Alternatively, if people are thinking about running a half or full marathon, how about raising money for the NSPCC at the same time?

Those who prefer something less physically challenging might be interested in holding an event in aid of the NSPCC’s Celebrate and Give initiative, or collecting unwanted clothes to help raise money through Clothes Aid.

If people have a few hours to spare, our local fundraising groups are looking for people to help with collections or to organise local events.

Please call the local fundraising team on 0844 892 0217 or email

For details of all events happening across the Midlands, please visit the NSPCC website at

Finally, we at the NSPCC wish you a happy and peaceful new year.

Barbara Elsey, NSPCC community fundraising manager.