Windfarm: They won’t fool us

We welcome the editor’s comment (June 27) that included: “judging by the number of villagers mobilised, it appears there is a majority against the (windfarm) proposals.”

Dan Patterson of McAlpine/RES is quoted in Lucie Green’s report (June 27) as saying that more than 100 people attended their exhibitions and that they will take account of their responses. Who is he trying to fool? Representatives from ASWAR (Against Subsidised Windfarms Around Rugby) attended for the full 11 hours of their three public exhibitions and talking to almost every person who came, we agree with his overall number while the breakdowns were: at Rugby Library, ten attendees, with eight to two against. Eight in Lutterworth with four to two against and two not sure, while in Churchover, in addition to the 75 people who joined the anti-windfarm rally outside the exhibition, there were 21, 15 to three against (which included two land owners who signed up to SSE’s initial proposals and we have assumed are still in favour), with three not sure. This gives 90 per cent against, six per cent in favour and four per cent not sure. They are about the same numbers as the confidential listening survey conducted by the parish council and the vote at the community meeting, both two years ago, when we were fighting the previous, similarly located, SSE windfarm proposal that was then unanimously rejected by Rugby planning committee. Local planners and politicians should not be fooled – the only thing the massive McAlpine/RES are likely to take account of is the amount of subsidy they can farm, while putting the small community under siege for another 18 months.

Angelika Smith