From the Advertiser archives - November 7, 2019

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Wednesday, 6th November 2019, 8:47 pm
Updated Wednesday, 6th November 2019, 8:49 pm
Peter Kilfoyle, John Holland and Mrs Edyvean-Walker at the cash dispenser, featured in the Advertiser 50 years ago this week

November 7, 1919

An exceptional opportunity is afforded Rugby people to become acquainted with the thrills of flying by Mr Alan Cobham, who is at the Barby Road Polo Ground with his Avro three-seater converted bi-plane. Mr Cobham arrived on Saturday and gave a number of trips that day, but the weather has been against him. Mr Cobham himself is prepared to fly in all weathers, but the spell of rain experienced during the past few days has not proved inviting enough to the general public. Mr Cobham is remaining today (Tuesday) and tomorrow and if the climatic conditions improve he should be well patronised.

In addition to the passenger flights, an interesting exhibition of trick flying will be given, including rolling and spinning, while a novel feature is introduced by the pilot taking the machine up while two mechanics walk on the wings on either side.

This is a striking test of the safety of the machine.

He has recently finished a successful exhibition in Leamington and in other parts of the Midlands and has carried nearly 4,000 passengers this season.

November 7, 1969

Mrs Norman Edyvean-Walker was one of the first customers of the National Provincial Bank, Church Street, Rugby to receive a packet of ‘instant cash’ from the newly installed cash dispenser which becomes operational today.

In our picture Mrs Edyvean-Walker is receiving her packet of ten £1 notes from the manager, Mr John Holland (right) . Looking on is Mr Peter Kilfoyle, the sub manager.

Customers of the bank can instantly obtain £10 from the dispenser near the branch entrance, whether or not the bank is open, and at any time of the day or night.

To do this the customer ‘posts’ his cashcard into a slot. The machine checks the card and a lighted sign indicates acceptance. After the customer has tapped out his own personal code number on the keyboard, a packet of ten notes is delivered.

November 3, 1994

Shorter hospital waiting lists at Rugby’s St Cross have won high praise from the government’s health minister.

Virginia Bottomley has presented the coveted Waiting Time award to the NHS Trust, which manages the hospital.

In addition the Trust is one of onlt three to receive a certificate for successfully managing its waiting time towards a nine month target. Les Anderton, Trust chairman, received the award from Mrs Bottomley, who congratulated him and praised the enormous effort put into the initiative and the dedication by staff at all levels, as well as the co-operation of patients.

The certificates are being awarded by the West Midlands Health Authority as part of its waiting time challenge aimed at ensuring no patient in the region waits more than nine months for treatment, from April 1 1995, compared with a guarantee of treatment within two years under the Patient’s Charter.