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Monday, 21st October 2019, 4:31 pm

October 17 , 1919

Letter to the editor: Sir, May I draw your attention to a dissatisfactory state of affairs with regard to the sale of fireworks and the urgent need for an amendment of the law governing the same, especially in view of the fact that a boy teen can purchase for a copper or two a firework as dangerous to handle as a bomb, and capable of making as much noise on explosion as a battery of artillery. In nine cases out of ten owing to faulty manufacture, the lighted fuse becomes apparently extinguished before it reaches the powder, which gives the impression that it can be safely handled again.

My son, a big healthy boy, met with an accident on the 6th and is now in hospital suffering from severe injuries. WJ Sutch.

October 17, 1969

The sale by Rugby Borough Council of nearly 11 acres of land on the Brownsover Estate for more than £86,000 marks the next step in the future development of the town. The sale, the first land to be disposed of in the Brownsover development plan, is of two plots. Joint purchasers are Wilson’s Builders, and Adkins and Shaw both of Northampton. A spokesman for Adkins said yesterday that the proposal was to build three-bedroom semi-detached houses on the site. The density, he said would be about eight to the acre.

October 13, 1994

Rugby stands at the forefront of an experiment to improve ambulance response times across the county. The number of crews has been halved in the early hours in a ten-week experiment, but it means up to double the cover in busy periods, when the service is 12 times as busy. And the trial results could set a trend county wide.

Director of operations Malcolm Hazell said: “We hope to be setting the example. What we want to have is the best response times in the country - that is the only way for a small service like us to survive.” Rugby crews asked to be the first Warwickshire station in the trial where they now work ten-hour shifts.