From the Advertiser archives - October 3, 2019 edition

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Monday, 21st October 2019, 4:31 pm

October 3 , 1919

The railway strike, the threat of which burst like a bombshell upon the public last week, commenced at midnight on Friday, all efforts at conciliation on the part of the Government and of the men’s leaders having completely failed.

The Food Controller, Mr GH Roberts states that all arrangements have been made to maintain an adequate supply for the population. The Government are determined to fight what they consider to be an unreasonable strike with all the resources of the country. Mr JH Thomas has put the railwaymen’s case before the country, and the official view of the dispute is also made public.

October 3, 1969

The West Midlands Sports Council has given the Rugby Sports Centre a top priority rating and construction of the £368,000 building could be under way within the next 12 months.

The high rating should ensure favourable reception when the scheme comes before the Minister for loan sanction within the next few weeks. Coun Derek Raines, chairman of the Parks, Cemeteries and Baths Committee said: “As far as I can see there is no reason why some initial construction work could not be done by this time next year. It is difficult to say how much nearer this declaration brings us, but we must be in the top two or three projects.”

September 29, 1994

Most of the former St Luke’s Hospital site in Lower Hillmorton Road has been sold for £630,000 to make way for houses. The site closed last year, with all services transferred into St Cross’s new wings. The 100-year-old buildings and the rest of the site was signed over on Thursday from Rugby NHS Trust to developers Barratt. Leslie Anderton, chairman of the Trust said: “We are delighted the sale has gone through and have already earmarked the proceeds for future healthcare provision in the locality.”