LOOKING BACK - April 26, 2018 edition

Rugby High School 1986

Sunday, 29th April 2018, 8:03 am

You can tell I’m short of pictures when I’ve had to raid my own photo albums to bring you this week’s Memory Lane!

This blast from the past is my fifth-form class 5T at Rugby High School for Girls in the summer of 1986, with our form tutor Mrs Turner.

We had started together, fresh from our middle schools, in September 1982 in PE teacher Mrs Gove’s class and I think this must have been taken as a final form get together photo just before we did our O Levels.

There were three 2nd form classes in those days (no such thing as first years as we were all 12+) for an intake of 90 girls, the other two being looked after by geography teacher Miss Molyneux and Miss Ward, who taught maths. For those of us who stayed on into the sixth-form and became Mrs Pattinson’s class, I can’t believe it’s exactly 30 years this year since we said goodbye to the Longrood Road School. Where have all those years gone? It feels like about ten!

I’m sorry I’m not sure that I’ve remembered everyone’s names correctly, apologies, but the class included, I think: Kate Byrne, Joanna Cooper, Claire Corfield, Paula Garnett, Lisa Cox, Corinna Allen, Eleanor Clark, Michaela Christian, Michelle Devereux, Jenny Haynes, Kirsty Bolton, Lisa Berwick, Claire Alden, Ruth Barratt, Vanessa Allen, Ann Bennett, Karen Townend, Jane Bracewell, Sandrine Bone, Sally Burton, Sarah Blount, Margaret Capritta, Lucy Curzons, Nicola Carter, Mary-Lou, Rachel Amy, Catherine Doherty, Katherine Easton and Sharon Deeley.

Hope this brings back some good memories for any of you who see this. Happy days!

Our form room that year was one of the ‘huts’, just outside the main school building, notoriously freezing in winter and boiling in summer. As well as classrooms, others housed things like the language lab and sixth-form common room. But having been back to the school for a look around last year I’m pleased to report that all our huts have long gone, replaced by lovely new buildings.