LOOKING BACK - January 9, 2020 edition

Sporting youngsters in the 1990s

Wednesday, 8th January 2020, 4:32 pm
Rugby Rangers junior football team
Rugby Rangers junior football team

I’ve had to raid our dwindling files for this week’s pictures.

Above I believe is Rugby Rangers junior football team from around 1993. There’s names attached, but please forgive any misspellings as the handwriting's not particularly clear.

On the left is captain Adam Seed. With (back from right) Garry Margrett, Rikesh Mistry, Geng Ferguson, Matthew Ramezani, Gary Moran, Jonathan Pulley, Matthew Leonard.

Sporty youngsters in our mystery picture from around 1993

(Front) David Chidlow, Peter Hall, Paul Tingay, Gavin Pickering, Sean Rafferty, Liam Mooney and Owen Hanlon.

The second picture has all the names, but no clues as to the sport, which I can only guess might have been trampolining?

They were (front row) Joanne Brooke, 9, Lisa Fairgreave, 7, Helen Richards, 9.

(Second row) Stephen Watts, 15, Zara Crick, 12, Rebecca Smallwood, 10, Emma Holloway, 9, Daniel Bentlett, 15. (Third row) Christopher Le Poidevin, 8, Gary Hensey, 9, Shelley Martin, 7.

(Back row) Josey Twyford, 12, Susan Knibb, 12, Emma Sabin, 11.