LOOKING BACK - November 14, 2019 edition

Corporation Street and Little Church Street

Wednesday, 13th November 2019, 8:09 pm
The entrance sign says 'William Temple College' in Little Church Street

These are three more from John Groucott’s parents’ slide collection from the early 1960s. There’s no information with this one, so we don’t know where it is, but my instinct says Corporation Street, maybe the old Texas DIY shop that later became a ladies’ clothes warehouse shop in the 1990s? Could be wrong, so please correct me if so.

Corporation Street opened to traffic as a single carriageway in 1958 and became a dual carriageway in 1965.

These other two pictures were taken in Little Church Street of the buildings once used by the Marriage Guidance service, which became Relate. The plaque on the entrance above says ‘William Temple College’. I’d always thought it was Herbert Gray College, so not sure about the two names!

A building under construction, possibly in Corporation Street

The area is currently derelict and boarded up, ready for redevelopment into a retirement complex.

Little Church Street