LOOKING BACK - October 24, 2019 edition

The town's two hockey clubs in 1969

Thursday, 24th October 2019, 11:27 am
Rugby Hockey Clubs team for the derby day encounter in October 1969
Rugby Hockey Clubs team for the derby day encounter in October 1969

I’ve got a couple of hockey teams for you this week, from our October 1969 archives.

As with all the cuttings we publish, the quality does vary, but I do hope they’re clear enough for you to see everyone and for them to bring back memories for any players and their families.

The pictures are from the days when the town had two hockey clubs, AEI (Rugby) - which later became GEC - and Rugby Hockey Club.

AEI (Rugby) Hockey Clubs team line up for the Advertiser photographer 50 years ago this week

They were taken on local derby day, when the two sides enjoyed some friendly rivalry.

Both clubs continued for many years after this, only merging 12 years ago in 2007, ensuring a strong and successful future for the sport in the town ever since.

The merged club is called Rugby & East Warwickshire and now has in the region of 500 members.

The picture of the players in light tops is of the Rugby team, but the original caption is unfortunately missing a name for the back row. They include: Robin Wraith, Colin Whittaker, Pat Thompson, Alf Ainsworth and Alan Laycock. (Front): Trevor Bacon, Geoff Cox, Peter Page, Bill McGauley and Geoff Bloom.

The second picture in the darker tops is of AEI. (Back from left) Alan Richards, Tony Buchanan, George Sherman, Mike Hutch, Dave Harris and Dave Danbury.

(Front): Graham Peters, Laurence Amps, Jeremy Davenport, Brian Fribbance and John Perks.