LOOKING BACK - September 26, 2019 edition

St Oswald's School 1946-47

Monday, 21st October 2019, 4:31 pm

Thank you to Mike Reed and his mother Ann Facer for providing this week’s Memory Lane picture.

Mike says: “My youngest daughter Millie left St Oswald’s School at the end of last term. I took along her Grandma, my Mother, to her leaving performance.

“At the end of the performance, on being re-introduced to Mrs Lorimer, the school head, my Mother, Mrs Ann Facer (nee Wells), whipped this photo from her bag, It’s her class from 1946 or 47.

“Originally the school was wrapped around the Holly Bush Pub on Lawford Road, with the Infants entrance on New Street, and the Juniors entrance on Lawford Road.”

Mrs Facer, who is nearly 82, has managed to remember and beautifully list nearly all the names of her classmates. Both the photo and list were given to the school earlier this month.

She is third from right in the front row. If anyone can help with any of the missing names, please get in touch.

(Back row, from left were): headmaster Mr Snow, David Bradshaw, Roy Barnett, Margaret Loydal, Eva Turnbull, Jean Brown, Doreen Mitchell, Jean Suggett, John Thompson, Raymond Mitchell, Marjorie Wills, Norma Jones and David Green.

(Middle row): Geoffrey Harrison, Vera Ingram, ?, Kenneth Bore, John Suggett, Charles Abbott, David Radburn, Dereck Williams, Margaret Coles, Keith ?, Leonard Stowe and Merrilyn Sample.

(Front): Dorothy Eden, Sheila Boylan, Pamela Hudson, Pamela Hibbert, Donald Eliott,?, Pat Jude, David Biddle, Rex Fallon, Yvonne Lines, Ann Wells, Beryl Leaman and Margaret Taylor.

The photograph was taken on the boys’ playground on Lawford Road. The girls used to share theirs with the Infants’ school which fronted New Street.