From the Rugby Advertiser archives - January 16, 2020 edition

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Thursday, 16th January 2020, 7:38 am

January 16 , 1920

Defendant Philip Henson of North Grantham was summoned by Annie Elsworth of New Bilton.

The defendant did not appear, but had advised of his willingness to pay a just and reasonable contribution.

Arrangements had been made for their wedding to take place at Whitsuntide and he sent her £3 to buy the ring and pay the registrar’s fee. The day before the wedding he wired to say it must be postponed.

Shortly afterwards Miss Elsworth received a letter from another young lady who alleged that she had been engaged to Henson for two years and she herself was expecting to marry him.

January 16 , 1970

A demand that far from running down the casualty department at Rugby Hospital of St Cross, facilities there should be increased, as the need arose, came unanimously from a meeting of representatives of all leading organisations in Rugby, held at the Town Hall on Wednesday. A resolution to this effect, is on its way to Mr Richard Crossman, Secretary of State for Social Services, the Birmingham Regional Hospital Board and the Rugby Hospital Management Committee.

The resolution came after 90 minutes of hard-hitting condemnation of any plan to put St Cross in the position of a satellite hospital.

January 12 , 1995

Star canoeist Diane Woods has been awarded a £500 grant towards her training. The money is extremely welcome, because even when she is abroad representing Great Britain, the 18-year-old has to pay all her own expenses. Diane is the top junior in the country and ranked second in the world. But unlike high-profile sports such as athletics, those chosen for international honours at canoeing have to pay their own way.