From the Rugby Advertiser archives - January 30, 2020 edition

In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

Thursday, 30th January 2020, 8:00 am

January 30 , 1920

A dastardly outrage: On Saturday night, a Rugby lady on returning from town was horrified when reaching the house of her parents to discover that her hair had been cut close to her head, apparently with a large pair of shears.

She then recollected that a man had walked very close to her for some distance along Whitehall Road and at times came so close that she could hear him breathe.

It is presumed that the dastardly outrage was committed while the young lady’s attention was momentarily diverted as she unfastened the gate. Several outrages of a similar character occurred about 12 months ago.

January 30 , 1970

Feature: A man stood working a small hand press at a house in Clifton Road on March 7, 1846. The machine was rather the worse for wear but after a thorough overhaul it clanked into action and coughed up the first Rugby Advertiser.

The paper was then under the editorship of Mr William Ironside Tait and sold for 1d. Mr Tait gained his newspaper experience in Sheffield, but in 1842 he bought the battered old press with a handful of type and came to Rugby. The first Advertiser was a four-page sheet 22 inches by 32 inches square.

January 26 , 1995

Soaring potato prices mean fish and chip shops are powerless to prevent the cost of chips rising possibly to £1 a portion.

The owner of the Brownsover Fish Bar said: “Usually we pay £4 to £4.50 at this time of year - today it is £8 a bag. I’m still charging 70p for chips but the average price should be £1 - we’re going to try and have a modest increase.”

The owner of the Baracuda fish and chip shop in Avenue Road said he had been in the business 24 years and this was the biggest single increase in potato prices.