ANGLING: By Simon Green

Trout fishing news from Draycote Water and Elinor

Wednesday, 23rd March 2016, 11:52 am
Updated Wednesday, 23rd March 2016, 12:07 pm
Simon Green

It’s been yet another excellent week experienced by 248 anglers visiting Draycote. Collectively they managed to bring a total of 1,916 trout to the net. This represents a rod average for the week of 7.7.

Whilst early spring temperatures have started to increase, some strong north and north easterly winds have often considerably increased the chill factor. Be mindful of this and layer up appropriately before venturing out. Water temperatures are also still very cold.

Fish populations continue to be well spread throughout the fishery as a whole. However, given the prevailing wind this week, the best locations have been over the far side from the lodge with Biggin Bay, Lin Croft, Cornfield & Toft all performing consistently well.

These areas have been more sheltered and as a consequence, much warmer. Boat and bank anglers have still been recording similar catches and pulling tactics, especially with intermediate or sink rate 3 lines, have been most commonly used in conjunction with fly patterns such as black & olive snakes, black & green lures such as Pitsford Peas or Viva. A variety of weighted &/or hot head damsels have also been taking a lot of fish.

The small black buzzer is beginning to show in greater numbers and more anglers are starting to fish buzzer patterns and diawl bach variants than in the opening two weeks. One angler reported great sport at the weekend from a boat in Toft to a team of black buzzer on a washing line. Although not showing themselves with any frequency, significant numbers of feeding fish were clearly cruising the top foot or so of the water column as a good hatch developed during mid-afternoon.

Once more, too many anglers to mention were up in the twenties in terms of fish numbers caught & released. Well worthy of note though is regular Dennis Jones who brought 18 to the net during his Thursday visit – mostly to a very skinny size14 standard diawl bach fished slowly from the bank.

The end of the week saw 12 of the Greenwell Persuaders competing against each other in boats. They fished to a four fish kill followed by catch and release. All caught their four-fish limit with a further 136 trout released! The top four anglers caught total of 82 between them with top honours going to Eddie Mitchell with his four-fish bag weighing out at 10lbs 11oz together with a further 17 caught and released. His “secret weapon” was a combination of black & green snakes.

All in all, another excellent week - with prospects of yet another great season to come!

Weekly Stats:

Number Rods: 248 Number Trout Taken: 485 Number Trout Released: 1431

Total Catch: 1916 Weekly Rod Average: 7.72

Current Fishing Times:

Bank: 07:30 until 18:00

Boat All Day: 08:30 until 18:00

Boat Part Day: AM 08:30 until 13:00 PM 13:00 until 18:00

Last 4 Hours from: 14:00 until 18:00 (Ticket sales available from 13:45 )

All Anglers to be off site by: 18:30

Weekly Free Boat Draw: Congratulations to Mr Chris Brindley of Crick who is the winner of this week’s Free Boat Draw.

Draycote ask that in order to maintain the accuracy of their records could all anglers please ensure that they fill in the catch return sheet before departure. If not in the lodge it will be found on the counter in the gutting room next door. All anglers must book out prior to leaving the site.

Boat anglers are also politely reminded of the ruling that there is no anchoring within 100 yards of any pontoon or aerators. This is especially relevant to the harbour pontoon as its own mooring chains & anchors extend out a considerable distance from the end of the harbour and are easily fouled.

Bank Anglers car passes should be, booked prior to coming fishing as we only have a limited number available.

Boat anglers may wish to note that we now have a rudder for hire at the daily rate of £7. It can be pre booked at the time you make your boat booking.

Telephone number (01788) 812018.

Elinor Trout Fishery

The water is slowly clearing and fish being caught now. Finally there is enough visibility for the fish to see anglers’ flies!

On Sunday, seven anglers fished and six of them caught, best bag of seven.

On Tuesday, 12 anglers fished and 11 of them caught, once again a couple of anglers managed seven.

Elinor is full of fish and should improve each day as water clarity improves.

Best method has been black or black/green flies fished slow or static, 3 to 5 foot down.

Smaller patterns such as hares ear, damsel and black buzzer should score towards the end of this week.

Most areas of the lake producing fish although many anglers are fishing the lodge end.

Upcoming competitions: Elinor will be hosting the final of the Iain Barr/Airflo Bank Masters Final on Sunday April 17th with a first prize of £2000 and many other prizes. Qualifying heat at Elinor will be on April 2.

All entrants receive a flyline and flies. A friendly competition open to anglers of all ability.

Full details and entry form at