BOWLS: Defibrillators bought in memory of Jill

Life-saving equipment for The Grange and Oakfield bowls clubs

Thursday, 24th November 2016, 11:22 am
Updated Friday, 25th November 2016, 8:34 am
Rosemarie Geden (Rugby Police BC), Gary Tubb (Oakfield BC), Martin Render (Community Heartbeat), Rodger Sirett (Grange BC) and Dave Owen (Rugby Police BC) with the two defibrillators

After a year of fund raising, Rugby Police Bowls Club have donated two defibrillators and cabinets to the Grange and Oakfield Bowls Clubs.

The idea came about after the untimely death of Jill Sirett, a member of both the clubs. In consultation with Jill’s husband Rodger, an Executive member of the Warwickshire County Bowling Association, it was decided to attempt to buy a defibrillator in Jill’s honour.

However, due to the efforts of Rugby Police BC members and Jill’s former club mates at the Grange BC, together with a generous donation from the Cemex Trust, it became apparent that they could afford to buy two. As the Rugby Police team play their home games at Oakfield it was decided to donate the second one to them.

Gary Tubb (Oakfield) and Rodger Sirett (Grange)

Present at the handing over of the defibrillators was Martin Render, the Chairman of The Community Heartbeat Trust, who gave advice on the purchase. During his presentation, he showed how easy it is for anyone to use the device with no previous training. He said: “The worse thing you can do with a defibrillator is not to use it, as if you do not the person is likely to die anyway.

“If the heart still has rhythm then the defibrillator will not allow you to shock the casualty, so do not be frightened to use the device.”

Rugby Police Bowls Club Secretary Rosemarie Geden said: “This has been a marvellous effort from all concerned, who gave freely of their money to such a good cause. We are only a small club but have over the past 20 years raised thousands of pounds for local good causes including, the Friends of Rugby Hospitals, Myton Hospices and the air ambulance.”

Rugby Police Bowls Club Chairman David Owen said: “We hope that the defibrillators will never be used, but if they are required and defibrillation is given promptly it increases the chances of the patient surviving by up to 70 per cent. Both clubs will also have the opportunity to arrange a short course of CPR training for their members and I would urge everyone to attend. I am sure anyone from other bowls clubs would be more than welcome and I would urge them to contact either club for details.”

Gary Tubb (Oakfield) and Rodger Sirett (Grange)

Both the receiving clubs thanked Rugby Police BC for what they described as a magnificent effort in memory of a very dear member and friend.