BOWLS: Oliver selected to play for England

Thornfield teenager chosen for British Isles international series in Aberdeen

Tuesday, 17th May 2016, 2:20 pm
Oliver Fowler

After an afternoon of excellent bowling hosted by Rugby Thornfield Indoor Bowls Club, Oliver Fowler has been selected to play for the English Indoors Bowls Association in the British Isles Indoors Bowls Council’s Mixed Under 18s International Series to be played over the weekend of October 15-16 at Aberdeen BC.

All nations enter a team of five plus a reserve with the exception of England who enter two teams, Fowler is in England 2 and will be playing in the triples with Imogen Jenner and Sam Walker (both Swale) and in the Fours where they will be joined by Devon Cooper (Riverain).

Unfortunately club colleagues Tom Wheeler and Jordan Ward didn’t make the final squad.

By Alan Jackson