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Founders Championship Pairs 2017 decided at Village club

Tuesday, 26th December 2017, 5:19 am
Michael Ward and Janet O'Connor, winners of the 2017 Founders Championship Pairs at Rugby Village Bridge Club

Rugby Village Club

Our 2017 Founders Championship Pairs was won by Michael Ward & Janet O’Connor (pictured). Well done to the pair for turning in the most consistent performances over two Monday Evenings a month!

On Monday Afternoon six tables played a two-winner Mitchell movement. Judy Douglas & Diana Kinch won the North / South side with 71.67. John Jarvis & Theresa Hillier led East / West with 59.17.

On Monday Evening six full tables played a double hesitation Mitchell movement to allow for more boards. Brian Mawby & David Reed came top with 67.50 followed by Brian Jacks & Don Prowse with 61.25 and Janet O’Connor & Mike Ward with 54.58.

On Tuesday Afternoon of last week, with snow still on the ground, seven tables played a Hestiation Mitchell. Michael Ward & Janet O’Connor triumphed with 62.50 followed by Brian Jacks & Don Prowse with 61.81 and David Reed & Graham Clarke with 61.11.

Seven pairs played a Howell movement on Thursday Evening led by Janet O’Connor & Don Prowse with 61.25 followed by Terry Leary & Maxine Ross with 56.25 and Dennis Angove & Michael Ward with 53.75.

Rugby Bridge Club

Winning scores tended to be on the low side this week. On Tuesday, Ken Miles and Ann Burrage notched up just under 60% in defeating Sue Osborne and Wendy Pattinson, with two pairs tying for third. Friday saw Marion Dixon and Peter Langley heading the field with under 59%, just ahead of two pairs who don’t play together often – Val Wormleighton and Jane Carrington, and Don Prowse and David Hicks.

The week’s best score was nearly 64% by Ann Burrage and Patti Jarvis. They easily beat Roger Ward and Maria Smyth into second place, with Val Wormleighton and Judith Kleiner a good way further back in third.

It is always impressive when a slam is bid on 25 combined points. Two pairs reached 6 hearts on this Tuesday hand, with the remaining five settling for game:

West - S - A 9 6 3 H - K 6

D - 6 4 3 C - K Q 9 6

East - S - 4 H - AJT9 5 32

D - A K J C - 8 7

The trumps fell in two rounds, the ace of clubs was well situated in front of the king and queen and even the diamond finesse worked if declarer cared to take it. Why can’t bridge always be so obliging? In practice, anything between 11 and 13 tricks were made, but 12 should always be there.

A ding-dong battle is taking place in the quest for master points. As the end of the year approaches, six players are within 24 master points of each other at the top. Mary Kerridge (1143) leads the way, with Phil Beagley (1137) not far behind and Lo Tolbutt (1131) third. John Drake, Pam Southern and Val Wormleighton make up this impressive sextet, who have all shown great commitment to the club by playing over a hundred times this year.

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