BRIDGE: Play in shopping centre attracts newcomers

Classes start on September 17

Monday, 1st August 2016, 3:31 pm
Updated Monday, 1st August 2016, 4:35 pm
Rugby Bridge Club's demonstration of the game for shoppers on Saturday morning

On Saturday, Rugby Bridge Club staged a demonstration match in the Clock Towers Shopping Centre and hopes to have recruited several new players as a result.

Classes start on Saturday, September 17 and anyone interested should contact Peter Langley on (024) 76 540211.

RESULTS: Seldom does the result of a whole session turn on the last card of the last hand but that is what happened on Tuesday. The two leading pairs - Graham Clarke and Richard Holland and Val Wormleighton and Peter Langley – faced each other on the last round. After the first hand, Val and Peter were just ahead. On the second and final hand, Val and Peter picked up these cards –

North - S – K 7 4, H – A T, D – A T 6 3 2, C – A 9 2

South - S – A Q J T 8 3, H – K 8 6 5, D – 7 5, C – J

They bid to 4 spades, as did nearly all other pairs. 11 tricks were straightforward – 6 spades, 2 hearts, a heart ruff and the aces of diamonds and clubs – but could 12 be made? 5 pairs did so, but Peter was foiled by Graham (East) who kept 4 of his 5 hearts to win the final trick with the 9 over Peter’s 8. This was enough for victory by 0.43%! Ken Miles and Ann Burrage were third.

John Drake and Lo Tolbutt won comfortably on Thursday from Liz Edwards and Stuart Warne, with Lin Routhorn and Peter Baines third. On Friday, Ken Miles and Ann Burrage notched up the highest score of the week (over 66%), followed by Patti Jarvis and Theo Schilderman and Marion Dixon and Peter Langley.