CRICKET: Advertiser League

Webb Ellis vs Vic Atomic Strike

It was very fitting that the last game of the season was played under the sun, meaning that this was the first season for many a year where no games have fallen foul to the weather.

This match was set up to be the most important in Webb Ellis’ short existence, meaning in only their second season, the chance to win the title was only arms length away.

The first victory of the night was when skipper Ray Gardner won the toss and elected for Atomic Strike to bat first on a dry wicket that made swing bowling the conqueror of this thrill a minute match played in good humour.

The opening bowling attack of Sean McPhillips and Yousef Dahmesh made life difficult for a batting line up that in truth were beaten by a fantastic bowling spell that after 10 overs read as 6 for 37 with 3 wickets each for the Webb bowlers.

Next up for the Webb Ellis were the unsung heroes Nikesh Mistry and Dave Chambers (DC) who carried on from where the previous pair left off, some more tight bowling as well as finishing the tail off keeping the score down to a creditable 68 all out, a score the Webb were confident chasing just weeks earlier. Mistry finished with 1 for 16 while DC was the pick of the bowlers with an impressive 3 for 15, all be it them figures could have better if Vice- skipper Jamie Carter hadn’t feebly put down a catch on the boundary (sorry DC). Lee Anderton hit a well orchestrated 33 to make the score more respectable.

So chasing 69 to win, the Webb felt confident to reach that target and secure the title; however the drama was only just beginning. For some apparent reason, the top order seems to collapse under the pressure with only McPhillips making a significant contribution, hitting a quick fire 16. Young Vish from Strike troubled the Webb batsman from the start with movement off the seam and finishing with figures of 2 for 16. As the wickets fell, Marv and Belly were eagerly waiting in the wings to be saviours just as they were three weeks earlier, however Dave Stewart had other ideas.

Just when the Webb were in need of inspiration, a huge 6 and a massive 4 took Webb over the line in a dramatic finish which meant champagne corks were popping!

Youssef finished with 3 for 19 for an Atomic Strike side that showed they were better than their final position showed.

The Webb Ellis would like to thank everyone in the league for the pleasant and fun nights we have had on a Tuesday night week after week.

A final mention goes to the Webb Ellis Barmy Army who were in full voice yet again and the support of Derek Owen many thanks.