CROSSBOW: Bolt breaks and both halves hit target!

Iris Bingham's shot ends up in 10 and 6

Wednesday, 2nd November 2016, 5:12 am
The broken bolt hit the target in two places

Two Rugby Sport for the Disabled members Kevin Rumble and Iris Bingham won gold at the National Assisted 10m titles at the National Crossbow Federation’s 10m National shoot held at Streetly.

To score a ten at a 10m shoot, the bolt has to be completely inside, and not touching, the 2½cm ten circle. One bolt has to be shot into each of the four 25cm target faces. Two in one target means a miss and losing the higher score where there are two.

Iris’s straw boss was so hard that it took two people to retrieve many of her bolts. As a result several were ruined. Iris said: “When I shot one of my bolts, there was a bang and I thought it had bent and gone in the 6. When examining it at the target, the bolt hit the ten ring, broke off and the rest of the bolt imbedded itself in the 6. A fletching flew off and the nock hit the ceiling. No shooter present had ever seen two entries from one bolt in the target, some in over 40 years of shooting.”

Iris Bingham with the broken bolt

Kevin added: “I found it a frustrating shoot and was disappointed with my score.”

RSDA assisted results, with scores out of 800, were:

Lady Tournament: Gold Iris Bingham 764

Gent Sporting: Gold Kevin Rumble 744

Other golds:


Gentlemen: Tony Reynolds 723

Senior: Ted Hayward 623

Iris Bingham with the broken bolt

Lady: Laura Peatfield 759

Sport Standard: Alan Gregory 707

Medieval: Graeme Peatfield 548