CROSSBOW: More medals and records

Rugby Sport for the Disabled

Wednesday, 20th April 2016, 5:05 am
The Rugby Sport for Disabled shooters in action

Three members from Rugby Sport for the Disabled returned from Glevum with medals on Sunday and may have broken a few National Crossbow Federation Records along the way.

Iris Bingham had a super shoot despite the strong, gusting wind. She said: “It was a very cold day. The very noisy motorbikes scrambling in the next field was a big distraction and the fumes were awful. We were even offered earplugs.”

Graeme was delighted with his score and said: “I enjoyed the shoot and it was nice to beat Kevin by 6 points. It was nip and tuck throughout the competition and neither of us knew who had won until the presentation.”

In the Bradbury 1 competition, everyone shot 45m for all three rounds but the target size increased from 40cm, to 60cm and finished with 80cm. The gold ring was 4cm, then 6cm and finally 8cm. The Bradbury 2 competition was at 35m. To score a ring, the bolt has to be completely inside, and not touching, the ten ring.

Sporting bows have a scope, but the Target bows have no magnification - only two open sights.

Bradbury 1 round at 45m:

Assisted results out of 900 are:-

Target: Iris Bingham 40cm 272; 60cm 283; 80cm 286 Total 841 with 34 rings

Sport: Graeme Mooney 40cm 255; 60cm 277; 80cm 285 Total 817 with 20 rings

Sport: Kevin Rumble 40cm 263; 60cm 276; 80cm 272 Total 811 with 18 rings

Other Gold medals

Gents Target: Tony Reynolds 630

Senior Gent Sporting: Alan Gregory 688

Gent Sporting Freestyle: Adam Rapsey 606

Bradbury 2round at 35m

Medieval: Graeme Peatfield 493