CYCLE/SPEEDWAY: Kyle seeking help to fulfil ambition of riding for Coventry Bees

Bretford teenager advancing from cycle speedway to motorised sport

Sunday, 6th March 2016, 8:06 am
Kyle Roberts

A young cycle speedway star is hoping his dream of racing for the Coventry Bees team will one day come true.

Kyle Roberts, 16, from Bretford, has already won dozens of cycle speedway honours, including the Welsh junior and senior titles in 2014.

He became the youngest ever winner of the Welsh Senior championship and has added a string of other prestigious titles whilst racing for Coventry Cycle Speedway team.

Kyle Roberts in action

Now the talented youngster, who left Kenilworth School last summer, has already shown early promise at the motorised version and is hoping speedway fans and Rugby businesses will support him in his ambition.

Kyle got his first speedway bike two years ago. Since then he has been attending matches, training schools and practice sessions on as many tracks as possible.

The teenager suffered a setback a year ago, breaking his arm in a training match crash at Scunthorpe, enforcing a four month lay-off.

He has since been racing for the Coventry Bees amateur youth team, the City Gearboxes Coventry Vikings,

Kyle with his bike

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in the Midland Development League in 2015.

And has earned promotion this year to the number 8 position in the Coventry Storm National League team and a coveted place on the Poultec Speedway apprenticeship training scheme, which includes three days a month in Norfolk.

Kyle also works part time at Aldi, Rugby, and has other part time jobs, to fund his speedway equipment.

Kyle Roberts in action

It’s become a family affair, with Dad Mark driving him everywhere, whilst Mum Rosie sorts out travelling arrangements, cleaning his racing kit and race schedule.

Sister Kelly-Jay has set-up a Facebook page and organises fundraising events for Kyle, who is set to also race again for the Coventry Cycle Speedway team this year.

But now Kyle’s motor speedway progress has been stalled through lack of funds to make an impact at the higher level National League grade of racing.

He said: “I am only 16 and every penny I earn goes into my speedway equipment, travelling and repairs. My parents have helped me all they can but they are just normal people, with normal jobs.

Kyle with his bike

“Costs of speedway at the level I have reached are preventing my progress. I urgently need help to continue my dream to eventually race for the Coventry Bees.

“My grandmother worked at the Stadium for 30 years and all my family and friends go. My Mum and Dad have been going since I was born.

“If I was to realise my dream, I would be the first local born and bred rider to race for the Bees for years. I just need some financial backing to do it”.

If you can help, please contact Kyle’s father on: 07899 793532.