Adam breaks Sphinx record with 67 goals

Adam Shaw, scored 67 goals in the season and was awarded Players' player of year award for his club.
Adam Shaw, scored 67 goals in the season and was awarded Players' player of year award for his club.

SUPER striker Adam Shaw has had a fantastic season, scoring 67 goals for Coventry Sphinx under 14s.

The club record was previously 52 goals in a season held by another Rugby lad, Luke Downs. Luke, a pupil at Bilton High School is now contracted to Leicester City where he hopes to make his future.

Adam started his football at Rugby Town until he was 11 before joining Hillmorton. This season has been his best by far, playing in the highest league.

His success is due to the quality of players around him who are able to give him opportunities in front of goal - which has included an incredible 13 hat-tricks this season in 29 matches.

A superb coaching team of Steve Cranage, Tony Purnell and Damon Johnson have been encouraging him at Sphinx.

However, his early football was helped on by Chris Courtney and Andy Tummel at Rugby Town and later playing with local friends for Hillmorton he was guided by Win Dominy and Martin Holloway until starting at Sphinx.

Excelling at sport, Adam finds himself splitting his time during the season with rugby and has been playing for Princethorpe College since he was 11.

This year he was selected to play rugby for Warwickshire under 14s and he is grateful to the PE department at Princethorpe who are very encouraging and supportive for all of his sports.

He is part of Princethorpe College’s Gifted and Talented Sports Scheme and he won the Junior Sportman of the Year award.

Away from the rugby and football field, in the summer Adam is a busy athlete.

On Monday he competed in the town athletics championships, winning the 200 metres and long jump.

On Tuesday he represented the College in a National Athletics Championship at the Alexander Stadium.

Recently he also won the Warwickshire Athletics Pentathlon.