Be a film extra - it's this Sunday at Butlin Road

Everyone who takes part will appear in the film's end credits

Thursday, 10th March 2016, 11:58 am
A hospital scene from the film 'Hanging in There' which will film football scenes at Butlin Road on March 13

Everything is literally ‘set’ for this Sunday’s filming at Rugby Town’s Butlin Road ground, when the final scenes of the movie Hanging In There will be shot.

The film has been directed and produced by Darren Scott - who lives in Lawford Heath - and is scheduled for release in the autumn, with a potential Leicester Square premiere showing to kick it all off.

The movie is a comedy drama tracking the recovery of its lead character from testicular cancer, and it includes an action scene from a football match, which Darren is delighted to be able to shoot at his local club.

Darren said: “This has been a truly community project from the start and we have had a lot of responses already from people wanting to take part as extras in the crowd.”

Filming of the match action is scheduled to start around 11am, and Darren is hoping it will an fun day all round.

He continued: “We’re hopeful of a good turnout on Sunday, and anyone who comes down should get an interesting - and hopefully enjoyable - insight into how a film like this is made.

“We’re looking to get everything wrapped up in two or three hours, refreshments will be provided and everyone who takes part will appear in the film’s end credits.”

Anyone interested in participating as an extra should contact the production company by email at [email protected] or for more information about the production visit