FOOTBALL: Grant for five new teams and 13 coaches at Rugby Town


Club receive £4,500 from Football Foundation

Rugby Town Junior Football Club have received a £4,500 Grow the Game grant from the Football Foundation, the country’s largest sports charity.

The grant has paved the way for the club to form five additional teams and create 13 new coaches.

The Grow the Game scheme is designed to increase participation in our national game amongst under-represented groups by helping clubs to meet the essential costs of starting new teams. It is funded by the Premier League and The FA and delivered by the Football Foundation.

Grow the Game goes beyond providing temporary activity sessions, which are more susceptible to drops in participation, but instead creates a solid infrastructure of newly-trained coaches and grassroots teams that play in FA-affiliated leagues for the long term. This means that the participation increases elicited by Grow the Game are sustainable and long-term rather than transient.

Grow the Game grants enable clubs to provide regular football for three specific sections of society where there is a demand but also a lack of opportunities. These sections are: women and girls; disabled players; and boys and mens’ teams from the Under-15 age group and above. This demographic has been targeted specifically to address the decline in participation in male football that occurs as boys progress through school to the more crucial exam years and eventually leave school and college altogether.

Brian Crinigan, Club Secretary at Rugby Town said: “We are delighted that the Football Foundation have supported the club with funds to develop more teams within the Borough of Rugby. We would like to thank Matt Price and the Birmingham County FA for their support in helping us secure this funding.”

A Football Foundation Ambassador and one of the UK’s best-known female sports journalists, Sky Sports News presenter Hayley McQueen, said: “Very well done to Rugby Town Junior FC for working with the Football Foundation and Birmingham County FA to secure this Grow the Game grant. I know how hard the club has worked over the years. This investment, which is provided by the Premier League and The FA, has created an opportunity for more people to play football, which will not only keep them fit and healthy but also develop their life-skills.

“Grants like this one make a real difference to grassroots football. They help clubs meet the costs associated with starting a new team – like getting volunteer coaches qualified with FA coaching badges – and so help to drive up participation levels in the sport, especially amongst under-represented groups.”