Mick Bachelor
Mick Bachelor

Mick named Volunteer of the Month

Mick Bachelor, who forms part of Rugby Town Junior Football Club’s grounds staff, has been named Club Volunteer of the Month by the club.

Mick who has worked on the grounds for a couple of years now was ‘over the moon’ with his award. He said: “It’s great that the club have recognised my efforts, although I do it for the love of it.

“The grounds are fantastic and I love working on them as well as tottering around doing bits of maintenance.”

Club Chairman Liam Coulter said: “Without Mick and the team we would not have the fantastic grounds that we have. Mick worked hard on them leading up to the festival and we did get a lot of favourable comments about the grounds and the pitches.

“The club have just introduced this monthly award to reward volunteers who are the bread and butter of the club and without them the club would not survive. I wish to thank Mick for all that he has done for us and long may it continue.”