JUNIOR SOCCER: Success for young player in Estonia

The winning FDS team in Estonia
The winning FDS team in Estonia
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Rugby’s Stefan Taylor, 13, was part of the triumphant FDS-West Brom International team which won the FC Santos Cup in Estonia.

It was his third tournament of this kind and third victory.

The squad is made up of six English players and six Finnish boys, and is a great experience for the youngsters who have become good friends inspite of the language barrier.

Stefan, who goes to Harris School, said: “I love being part of this squad, everyone takes their football seriously and we get on really well.

“This is my 19th tour with FDS and it is definitely the best one I have been on.”

The boys played against several top teams from Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Russia.

They eventually triumphed in the final 3-2 on penalties, having not conceded a goal all tournament and being the highest scoring team!

Stefan, who currently represents the FDS-West Brom shadow squad has more tours planned for this year, one to France, and another to the Brondby Elite Cup in Denmark.

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