SOCCER: It’s that time of year again!

THE JK Timber Rugby & District Sunday League season starts today (September 4), with 27 teams taking part in three divisions:

Division One: 10 teams - Barley Mow, CRC (Community Relations), Long Lawford, POW (Prince of Wales), PT Tesco (Prime Time Tesco), Quigley’s, The Bell, The Webb, Woodlands and Yelvertoft.

Division Two: 8 teams - AC Victoria, CRC Res, Dynamo Alwyn (new), Quigley’s Res, Red Lion Hillmorton, Rugby Workers, Station Bar and Webb Utd (was House).

Division Three: 9 teams - AC Victoria Res, Black Horse (new), FC Chesters (was Dirty Duck), Hillmorton, Jolly Rotaractors (new), Prince Of Wales Res, Rugby Rockets (new), St. Thomas Cross (new), The Bull.

See next week’s Advertiser for all the results (out Thursday, September 8)