Town join Respect campaign

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Rugby Town Junior Football Club are promoting the Football Association’s RESPECT campaign at their Kilsby Lane site.

Players and parents are greeted at the gate by a ‘Respect starts here’ sign. There are Respect barriers for supporters to stand behind and the club have Respect marshals to monitor the games throughout the site.

The club’s teams complete the Respect handshake at the start of the game and the captain of each team wears the Respect Armband and is the only person to approach the referee.

Wayne Nutt the club’s welfare officer said: “These new initiatives that the club are implementing will ensure that anyone visiting Kilsby Lane for games will have an enjoyable experience.

“Far too often parents get involved which creates problems for referees.

“The club have recently recruited 12 new referees and we want them to be respected by all when they officiate a game at Kilsby Lane. We are delighted by the response of other teams and officials who visit the site.”