ANGLING: By Simon Green

Simon Green
Simon Green

Good week for Taylor

Well, as you can imagine this glorious snowfall has put paid to most of the contests and fishing that was going on in the area for the last week, but I do have two results for you, starting with the Rugby Disabled and Pensioners AC match on the Small Pool at Barby Mill.

As anticipated due to the frozen lake the weights were low and bite at a premium with not many fish caught and a few blanks had.

The winner was Rob Taylor who had small carp and goldfish for a total weight of just 1lb 13oz which was too good for Bob Smith in second place with his small carp net of just 12oz.

Completing the frame was Fred Johnson with a small carp weighing just 6oz.

Pretty much the same crowd were out on the Thursday for Rob Taylor’s Peatling Pools Open which was this week held on Lake E.

For the second time in the week it was Rob Taylor who took the top spot - this time with a net of small roach weighing 1lb 1oz 8dr.

There was a tie for the runner-up spot between Mick Chambers and Fred Johnson, who both put a net of small roach on the scales weighing 1lb exactly.

Well, that’s all I have for you, but the weather is supposed to warm up slightly at the weekend so there may be a few more people getting out - and if any of you ‘Pikers’ have any notable catches to tell us about then pop in the shop and leave me some details.

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