ANGLING: By Simon Green

Simon Green
Simon Green

Trout fishing news from around the Anglian region

Rutland Water

The reservoir has continued to fish well with some good bags of fish taken in the earlier part of the week from Manton Bay on floating lines with Daddy Long legs patterns fished dry and also wet. Various lures such as Humungus in white/silver and black/gold also scored well in the mouth of Manton and also towards Browns Island.

Former England youth angler Matthew Holroyd took his best bag at Rutland using a silver tube fly teamed with a Di5 line around Browns Island. His 8 fish weighed in at 24lb 8oz. Rudder anglers also faired well down the South Arm finding quality fish in open water around the limit of sailing buoys from Gibbets Gorse to Old Hall. Mike Burnside of Aycliffe, County Durham, recorded the best Brown of the week, taken deep on a Di8 line and weighing in at 5lb 12oz. His boat partner also recorded a 4lb 8oz brown in the same session. Congratulations to Paul Wilson of Weston Super Mare who recorded the best rainbow for the second week running, this time with a 6lb specimen.

The North Arm has still not seen many anglers but there have been reports of fish moving along the weed beds from the Transformer to Tim Appleton’s and the Fish Pond’s Wall. An angler from Scotland enjoyed two good days of sport in the areas mentioned above taking superb full tailed rainbows up to 4lb plus which were all carefully returned to fight again another day. Floating line with fiery ginger Hoppers and red Bob’s Bits accounted for the majority of these fish. Ken Rawlins and Paul Kirkup from Leicester had a good day down the North Arm on Saturday, taking 16 fish between them on tube flies. They concentrated on the area around the North Arm Tower. The main basin is still providing sport for the boat anglers with various sinking lines and blobs/boobies and cormorants taking fish around the boils and also in the vicinity of V buoy.

Bank anglers have enjoyed some good sport along the Normanton Bank from the Blue Pipes to Fantasy Island and also Stockie Bay at Sykes Lane. The Dam wall has also seen good numbers of fish showing with the recent change in wind to an easterly direction making it a viable option for the bank angler. When conditions have been right good numbers of fish have been seen moving and willing to take dry fly, again Bob’s Bits and Daddies are a good option. Small nymphs, hoppers and cormorants are also well worth a try.

Best Rainbow: 6lb taken by Paul Wilson of Weston Super Mare.

Best Brown: 5lb 12oz taken by Mike Burnside of Aycliffe Co Durham.

Pike fishing from boats with lures and dead sea bait over 18cm (excludes lamprey)

1 October to 24 November.

Mid week Pike boats now available.

Grafham Water

Fish week 485 (season 19,476) Returns 162 (4,915) Rod average 2.99 (3.96)Grafham is in good form with 30% of the fish taken weighing over 3lb. The bank anglers have had the best of the sport this week with the Southern end of the Dam producing the most consistent fishing. The Seat, Gaynes Cove, Perry Point, Deep Water Point and Hill Farm have also produced good catch rates, mainly on floating lines with shrimp patterns, GRHE, crunchers and black boobies

Season ticket holder Roland Hudson of Offord has had a fantastic week, catching 39 trout in six visits. Rick Barlow had a great day fishing from the Seat, catching 12 trout with the biggest estimated at 4lb. Rick caught these by fishing an intermediate line with a GRHE.

Boat anglers have also enjoyed some excellent fishing with best methods being intermediate or sink tip lines with minkies, black boobies, orange blobs, crunchers, GRHE and sunk orange or ginger hoppers. The most productive areas for boat anglers over the last week have been G,A,Q and E Buoys, Gaynes Cove, Sailing Club Bay, Hedge End and Savages Creek.

The predator anglers have had notable catches this week. Mr C J Drewett from Radlett, caught a cracking 4lb 8oz Perch from the North Tower. There have also been two notable Pike catches of 23lb and 21lb 8oz – these were also caught at the North Tower on 7” shads.

Pitsford Water

Fish week 364 (season 11,765) Returns 110 (3,469) Rod average 3.3 (3.3)

Former Pitsford warden Andy Barton had the best fish of the week at Pitsford Water with a fine Rainbow of exactly 6lb. Andy took the beauty while fishing a sinking Daddy pattern from a drifting boat in the Narrows. He also took several other good fish.

Mick O’Farell continues to find the fish, taking 20 on dries in the Main Basin, hoppers being the killing pattern. Interestingly it was harder in the morning when the wind was a little stronger, but as soon as it calmed down the fish were up and ready to take. Generally, it has been a varied week at Pitsford with some anglers reporting fantastic sport and others not faring so well. The wind has been predominantly an easterly and this, combined with bright, cloudless skies has made the fishing more difficult.

If the dries and daddies have not been working then those fishing around the weedbeds have had some arm wrenching sport fishing fry patterns with some explosive takes. There are now some gaps showing in the weed and bank anglers are able to fish these weedbeds to good effect. Best areas for the boats are still the Narrows and Main Basin.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir

Fish week 277 (season 8,345) Returns 57 (1,720) Rod average 4.8 (4.8)

Sport has again been brilliant at Ravensthorpe with bigger fish showing. Five fish over 5lb have been taken plus a huge number of quality specimens have been returned to the water. Mr J Williams returned 24 quality fish during the week and Mr Naylor returned 23. Plenty of anglers are returning 10 -12 fish. All methods are catching but dries sub surface are catching the most. Wets are working well.

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