ANGLING: By Simon Green

Simon Green
Simon Green
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News from local matches and Draycote Water

The Avon Mill AC held it’s first contest of the season at Monks Pool, Bulkington on Saturday. The weather was dry but with a fresh south westerly wind. Lou O’Toole who had just returned from a holiday in Spain, halfway through the match thought the water looked inviting and to everyone’s amazement fell in.

1st Ron Ashton 21 lbs 10 ozs of maggot caught skimmers and roach,

2nd Graham Gamble 14lbs 0ozs

3rd Mark Bird 12 lbs 4ozs

15 anglers from Spring Street A.C fished the season opener on both pools at Barby.

First on the small lake was Nathan Granger with 52 lb 6 oz, a good catch of decent size carp on corn.

Second on the small lake was Barry Carr with 33 lb 13 oz, a nice mix of carp and goldfish on caster.

Third on the small lake was Jim Harratt with 20 lb 12 oz, good size carp and goldfish on corn and pellet.

First on the main lake was Paul Radden with 56 lb 8 oz, mainly good double figure carp and small skimmers on corn and pellet.

Second on the main lake was Colin Youds with 26 lb, a nice mix of carp and skimmers on maggot and pellet.

Third on the main lake was Bob Palmer with 25 lb, a good catch of carp and skimmers on maggot.

Next match Sunday 21st April on the Plough and Harrow at Peatling.

Members call Jim on (01788) 570228 by Thursday.

Ron Taylor ran his Thursday open match on the Plough lake at Peatling last week and it was Gil Corns who came out on top in this one with a superb net of Carp and F1’s taken on pellet and corn weighing 78lb14oz.

Runner up was Rob himself with a similar net taken on corn and bread and weighing in at 63lb 14oz.

Completing the frame was Robin Smith with 52lb 2oz of F1’s and carp on meat and pellet.

Draycote Water

Finally, it looks like we have seen the back of the cold weather, and summer certainly seems to be in the air ! The first bit of warmth has triggered a discolouration of the water, and this has slowed things a little, and it seems the fish have gone deep into the cleaner water.

Mr G Alsop landed 11 fish from the bank with the best weighing 4.8lb. Fish are now feeding on the buzzers but are proving a little tricky to catch as the buzzers at the moment are very small.

The boats have shaded it this week with some good catches. A regular group of Welsh anglers led the way this weekend with all but 2 taking their 8 fish limits(9 anglers). Gareth Williams landed 23, whilst Nathan Williams landed 18, the best being this week’s biggest fish of 7lb(Brown).

Sinking lines have been the best line choice, with fish being on or near the bottom, most of the time. This warmer weather has seen some consistent surface action in the calmer parts of the lake, so it will not be to long until the fish come up in the water.

Boobies and blobs have still produced more fish, however the Pitsford Pea lure has taken a good share of the fish this week. Buzzers have worked but more on a sporadic basis for now!

Total number of rods 201

Total number of fish caught 435

Total number of fish released 644

Rod average 5.36

To book a boat or a bank fishing permit, please call the fishing lodge on 01788 812018.

Rutland Water

Al Owen from Cranwell, Lincs, took the best fish of the season to date while boat fishing with Graham Pearson near Fantasy Island last Wednesday. The superbly conditioned Rainbow weighed in at 10lb 5oz and took a black buzzer fished on a floating line. It’s been another good week for both bank and boat anglers with plenty of big fish showing. Lots of anglers have reported good catches on buzzers and nymphs fished slowly on floating and midge tip lines.

Gordon Anthony from Whittlesey, Cambs, landed a 7lb 7½oz Rainbow whilst bank fishing on the Normanton shore. The fish took a black pheasant tail fished on a floating line. Season ticket holder Rex Curtis also had a 6lb Rainbow from the Normanton bank on the same day as Gordon, perhaps the main basin is the new hotspot for Rainbows?

Several limits were also recorded in this area all the way along the Normanton bank to Fantasy Island. Following in the footsteps of his ’pap’ Graham Pearson, was six year old James Pearson who had his first session on the bank at Rutland Water under instruction and was rewarded with three Rainbows, the best weighed 3lb. Young James commented to the wardens that he “will be better than Grandad at fishing”. Watch out Graham!

Pitsford Water

Fish week 208 (782 season) Returns 75 (278) Rod average 2.7 (2.8)

The improved weather conditions have contributed to some good fishing at Pitsford Water. Invicta Fly Fishers had a boat match and Messrs Mees and McLeod had 14 fish to the boat whilst fishing in Stone Barn Bay. Messrs Varley and Peat had a very enjoyable day boat fishing, reporting taking 20 plus fish including a Rainbow estimated at 8lb which was returned.

The change in wind direction to Southerly has brought some much needed relief from the cold Northerlies. Right on cue the fish started to respond to more imitative tactics with the first reports of fish coming to buzzer/nymph tactics. With a few more mild days the fish will really turn on to this method.

That’s it for this week

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