ANGLING: By Simon Green

Simon Green
Simon Green

Trout fishing news from around the region

Rutland Water

Fish week 2,256 (season 14,526) Returns 529 (2,933) Rod average 4.26 (4.95)

Last Tuesday was probably the best day with fish on top especially down the north and south arms, moving to olives during the main part of the day. The olive hatches have been very good this year usually hatching off in the wettest possible conditions.

During the rest of the week anglers had to contend with every weather condition imaginable and some had fantastic sport, whilst others were frustrated trying to get to grips with the unpredictable conditions.

The introduction of 6,500 Rainbows helped out a few anglers for the first two days of the week. These fish were released all around the shoreline, with the Transformer through to Armley Wood in the North Arm and the Green Bank to the Old Hall fishing well. Overwintered fish were found further out in the open water of each of the respective arms.

Fly hatches have been varied except for olives, though things were changing with buzzers and sedge coming off in good numbers towards the end of the week with even a few mayfly coming off in parts, with warden Andy Ainscough actually witnessing fish feeding on them late evening around the East Creek.

Rutland Water Fly Fishers will be holding a Youth Day on Sunday 13 July. This is a very popular day and a fantastic opportunity for youngsters to get involved in our sport. RWFF is looking for volunteers especially boatmen and help with fly tying. Lunch is included. If you are able to volunteer, or would like more information, then please contact Chris

Best Rainbow​ 5lb 5½oz taken by Rob Sosbe of Leics.

Best Brown ​5lb taken by David de Kremer of Oakham.

Best boat areas​​Normanton, Sykes Lane, Dickensons, Tim Appletons, Old Hall, Green Bank, Yellowstones.

Best bank areas​Whitwell, Normanton, Sykes Lane, Old Hall, Green Bank, Yellowstones, Spud Bay

Grafham Water has continued to fish well for both bank and boat anglers with a healthy rod average of 4.22. Bank anglers have once again had a good week’s sport with plenty of areas on the reservoir producing good consistent catch rates. The best areas for the bank anglers have been G Buoy, Marlow Stones, Deep Water Point, Hill Farm, Gaynes Cove and the south end of the Dam. The most consistent method for the bank anglers has been to fish buzzers, diawl bachs, crunchers, damsel nymphs and pheasant tails at a slow paced retrieve.

Boat anglers have again had good sport with most areas of the reservoir producing good sport. Best methods for boat anglers have been to fish either sink tip lines with buzzers, diawl bachs, crunchers, small white lures, viva booby and orange blobs or Di5 lines with sparkler booby, orange blobs, small white lures and cormorants.

Best boat areas have been Hill Farm, Hedge End, Deep Water Point, Rectory Bay, Gaynes Cove, Sludge Bank and Valley Creek.

Pitsford Water

Fish week 734 (season 5,838) Returns 191 (1,219) Rod average 3.8 (4.7)

Pitsford Water has continued to perform well with a rod average of 3.8 fish for the week. All areas of the reservoir are productive from a boat, particularly the Flats and Boils which have seen some lovely fish including large Browns coming to damsel nymph patterns and large olive buzzers.

Brixworth Bay is well worth a try too and again nymph and buzzer tactics have scored well here with some anglers catching and releasing over 20 fish.

The Causeway to Bog Bay or Stone Barn has fished well with recent stocking from the road. Many fish here are being taken on lures such as tubes, boobies and blobs.

The Pike fishing at Pitsford continues on fine form with many catches of smaller fish between 2 and 16lb providing welcome entertainment to lure anglers. The Small Half is the best bet for large numbers of these toothy critters.

Bank fishing at Pitsford has give some wonderful sport to many, as fish are still patrolling the shallower water in pursuit of damsel nymphs, Mayfly nymphs and Midge pupa.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir

Fish week 430 (season 430) Returns 55 (949) Rod average7.8 (8.1)

Anglers have enjoyed a good week’s fishing at Ravensthorpe. The season’s biggest fish so far was caught this week. This was a lovely Rainbow which was caught and released by Simon O’Conner from a boat using floating line and a Sedge Hog fly. Two days later Season ticket holder Mick Griffin also caught and released another 12 pounder on a green diawl bach.

Best methods have been floating lines with long leader, green or red diawl bachs, black or olive buzzers, damsel nymph or hares ears.

Bank anglers have also been catching some nice fish from the Platforms and the Dam. Again buzzers and diawl bachs on floating lines have been the best methods.

Best Rainbow: ​Two at 12lb, both released, one by Simon O’Connor, the other by Mick Griffin.

Best boat areas​All areas are producing fish.

Best bank areas: ​Platforms 3,4,5,11 and 12 and the Dam.

Best methods​Floating line with buzzers, diawl bachs or nymphs.

Over at Elinor Trout Fishery the 158 anglers caught 603 fish of which 366 were returned.

Plenty of rain last week but the cloud cover kept the fish on the surface for much of the day. Best method has been a small imitative booby on the point with a diawl bach in the middle and a cruncher on the top dropper. Dries have also scored well on calmer days and evenings.

Boat anglers have also found fish between 5 and 10 foot down with a floater and epoxy buzzers or a slow sinker and lures.

Quite a few Mayfly hatching as well as numerous damsels and a prolific evening sedge hatch.

Best Fish

10lb 2oz Paul Dickie, Castle Ashby, boat

6lb 1oz Bryan Swain, Brampton, black buzzer, boat

6lb 0oz Colin Harvey, Stamford, grey wulff, boat

5lb 4oz Barrie Cowland, Peterborough, damsel, boat

5lb 4oz Brian Crowhurst, Wellingborough, boat

5lb 4oz David Winser, boat

5lb 2oz Lee Cartmail, Middlesborough, boat

5lb 1oz Richard Winser, boat

4lb 14oz Jim Sheehan, Oundle, black/green lure, boat

4lb 13oz Mr Butler, cats whisker, boat

4lb 12oz Steve Johnson, Raunds, green buzzer, boat

4lb 12oz Mr Nightingale, black/green lure, boat

Best Areas

Bank - dam, east arm, boat bay

Boat - down middle, east arm

Best Patterns

black or olive buzzer, cruncher, diawl bach, damsel booby, hopper booby, black hopper, black or brown shipmans, grhe, white/green or black/green lures.