ANGLING: By Simon Green

This week’s angling news round up

Firstly I must apologise for the lack of report last week but a combination of work and illness overtook me, writes Simon Green.

So I will get straight into playing catch up with some of the results I missed starting with the last two Spring Street AC contests. Nineteen anglers from Spring Street fished the latest match at Meadowlands on the Warren Pool.

First spot was Paul Knapman with 44lb 3oz, all big carp and one good size crucian on the feeder and corn. Second was Ivan Mills with 42lb 2oz, again carp on the pole and feeder on meat. Third was Robin Smith with 40lb 1oz, a mix of carp and skimmers on the feeder and pole on corn.Fourth was Pete Palmer with 33lb 10oz, a mix of silvers and carp on corn, pellet and maggot. Fifth was Martin Painter with 29lb 7oz, again carp and silvers on corn and maggot.

Fourteen anglers from Spring Street were at the local Toft Fishery and it was a close result. First spot was Gil Corns on peg 23 with 125lb 7oz, a really good catch of carp on meat and maggot. Second was Kevin Folwell on peg 29 with 111lb 9oz, again all carp on meat. Third was Pete Palmer on peg 25 with 110lb 4oz, all good carp on caster and worm. Fourth was Josh Palmer on peg 11 with 66lb 4oz, all carp on meat.

With the back up weights a total of just over 800lb was caught. Next match is this Sunday 19 at Spring Pools. Call Jim on (01788) 570228 by Thursday please.

Sixteen anglers from the Thursday Match Club visited Five Ways Fishery last week for the first time. In a very close match it was Brian Hodgetts taking top spot with 109lb 12oz over Terry Brindley who fell just short with 109lb exactly. Both caught mainly carp with a few skimmers, Brian caught on pellet whereas Terry opted for a paste approach. Making up the frame was John Davies with 70lb and in fourth was John Waples with 67lb.

The Rugby Disabled and Pensioners were at Misterton Hall last Tuesday for their latest contest and it was Gil Corns who took the top spot in this one thanks to a mixed net of 24lb 14oz taken on worm, corn and pellet.

Runner up was Mick Chambers with 23lb 4oz taken on caster and paste. Rob Taylor took third place with 12lb 3oz of silvers on maggots.

The same crowd also held a match on the Thursday on the E Lake at Peatling Pools and Mick Chambers went one better this time with 65lb of barbel on caster and maggot.

Runner up was Brian Johnson with 35lb 4oz with 35lb 4oz again of barbel on maggot.

Third place went to Terry Elson with 25lb of barbel.

Avon Mill ac held its latest contest on Toft Carp Lake on Saturday. The weather was forecast to be wet, windy and cold and it certainly was. With the contest pegged in the 30s it meant the wind slanted across the lake into the anglers’ faces. When the rain stopped with about an hour of the contest to go it became very cold. This sudden change in the weather had an obvious effect on the fish and results were poor.

1st Mark Bird 37lbs 0ozs; 2nd Phil Bird 32lbs 0ozs; 3rd Lou O’Toole 25lbs 8ozs