ANGLING: By Simon Green

Simon Green
Simon Green
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Latest from the local scene

Nine anglers fished Rob Taylor’s Thursday match on the small lake at Barby Mill.

First was Mick Chambers with 38lb 7oz, all carp and a few silvers on pellet and corn.

Second was Rob Taylor with 34lb 11oz, again carp and roach on pellet.

Third was Barry Carr with 13lb 4oz, again carp and some quality size roach on caster.

Fourth was Robin Smith with 13lb 3oz, a nice mix of goldfish and roach on maggot and pellet.

# Last Sunday Spring Street AC were at Spring Pools and with the recent drop in temperature it made conditions very difficult, which was reflected in the weights.

First was Robin Smith with 13lb 3oz, a good net of roach and perch on maggot.

Second was Paul Knapman with 10lb 13oz, also roach and perch on soft pellet.

Third was John Davis with 8lb 10oz, this included one carp and a tench plus roach and perch on maggot.

Fourth was Trevor Smith with 7lb 2oz, again roach on maggot.

# Last Sunday also saw the latest Ben Jones Memorial silver fish match taking place at the Banks (bottom end plus marshes).

1st Simon Potter 9-3 skimmers and roach, pinkie and maggot (peg 49)

2nd Carl Hulley 7-10 skimmers and roach (marshes)

3rd Rich Wills 7-9 a couple of bonus perch plus roach on pinkie (peg 62)

Section 1-13 Barry Carr 5-11 caster

Section 14-26 Gil Corns 4-6 (peg 44)

# The Avon Mill AC held their last match of the season the Fur & Feather at Monks Pool Bulkington on Saturday. The weather was marvellous for the time of the year with light winds, very mild conditions and sunny at times. This match was a silver fish contest and skimmers and roach were the main targets on maggot and caster, although Robert O’Toole caught one of the venue’s big perch, a fish of 2 lbs 4 ozs, also on caster.

1st Ron Ashton 17 lbs 10 ozs; 2nd Graham Gamble 14 lbs 0ozs; 3rd Mark Bird 12 lbs 8 ozs.

# A quick reminder for all those that have booked on, that Nick Carter’s Jamesway Travel Fur and Feather contest is being held on Saturday, December 13 on the Marshes section of the Banks at Barby.