ANGLING: By Simon Green

Simon Humphries with the record carp
Simon Humphries with the record carp

Lake record thanks to The Colonel

Now as I promised last week here is the catch report and some pictures of the awesome fish that my mate Simon Humphries caught last week at a Nene Valley gravel pit.

Simon Humphries with the record carp

Simon Humphries with the record carp

He caught it on the final morning of a two-day session and in his words: “I was fishing a clear area amongst weed at about 60 yards range on the end of a strong southerly wind where I had been seeing carp rolling since I had arrived, so I had baited with around 2 kilos of Premier Baits Matrix boilies and this tactic along with my homemade secret pop up hookbaits caught me two other carp...a 20lb mirror and a 31lb 12oz common on the Saturday. On the Sunday conditions didn’t look so good, the wind had dropped and there was hardly a cloud in the I began to pack up. All my kit was packed up and the barrow loaded for the walk back to the car...just my rods were left fishing when at around 11.30 the big one picked up my bait. I knew it was a good fish form the start but didnt realise quite how big until I saw it swim past me in the crystal clear water.

My mate Gordon netted it at the first opportunity and it was then we realised which fish it was...The Colonel...and just how big it might be! 50lb 6oz on the scales...a new PB and a new lake record.”

Awesome angling mate, congratulations.

Twenty anglers fished the latest Daventry AC club match, held on the Carp Pool at Toft Lakes, and considering the carp were either recovering from spawning or thinking about it, and then being put off by the heavy rain on Saturday, there were some good weights caught all around the island.

Simon Humphries with the record carp

Simon Humphries with the record carp

First on the day was Carl Hulley, who continues to show everyone how it’s done on the venue. He fished 6mm hard pellets just off the deck - feeding 6mm pellets at 13.5 metres to card 103-2-0. Pellets seemed to be the preferred bait of the day, with Graham Cheney fishing pellet and groundbait feeder to the island early doors, before switching to 6mm expanders over hard pellets down the edge late on for 96-8-0 for second in the frame. Bucking the trend, Rich Wills looked for 3ft of water just of the margins and fished and fed meat in the last two hours to put 94-0-0 in the net for third, and that after he struggled on his usual short line tactics.

1st Carl Hulley - 103-2-0

2nd Graham Cheney - 96-8-0

3rd Rich Wills - 94-0-0

4th Steve Martin - 77-4-0

5th Andy Beaumont - 77-2-0

The next club match is on the Silver’s Pool at Toft Lakes on Sunday, June 28. Book on with Graham.

On Sunday, June 7 Spring Street AC fished at Misterton Hall.

1st spot was Jake King with 24 lb 7 oz, a mix of silvers, tench and crucians on maggot.

2nd was Robin Smith with 18 lb 4 oz, again a similar catch on maggot and pinkie.

3rd was Tony Ward with 14 lb 6 oz, also a similar catch on maggot.

On Sunday, June 14 Spring Street AC fished at Holly Farm on the Moby Lake.

1st was Nathan Granger with 90 lb 9 oz, all carp taken on bread.

2nd was Robin Smith with 44 lb 10 oz, a good catch made up of goldfish, crucians, tench and silvers totalling over 100+ fish, fishing shallow on pellet.

3rd was Chris Granger with 30 lb, all carp on bread.

4th was Bob Smith with 17 lb, a mix of small fish and carp.

Next match Sunday, June 21 at Peatling Pools -Plough Lake

Draycote Water weekly fishing report (w/e Sunday, June 14)

Phew, what a week. Again the weather’s been proper off its trolley! But at least we’ve had a northerly most of the time, which brings in the whole of that north shore and makes for good bank fishing. With a rod average of 4.1 overall, the fishing has been very good this week, dogged on occasion by an algae bloom that was blown into Rainbow Corner. Fortunately the best of the bank fishing has been down in the Cornfield and towards Grays Barn.

Notables this week were, Rod Wilson with 8 fish for 29lbs on Monday, Ian Richardson, who caught a Brownie of 10lb 8oz, and Peter Elliott who had over 40 fish on the boils on Friday using buzzers and blobs.

On Thursday was the Police National competition with anglers from all over the country. The practice day on Wednesday seemed to go very well as they produced a rod average of 7.2. Thursday brought a bright and blustery day which pushed the fish down and made the water fish a bit harder. But the competitors made the best of it, and all seemed to be in ‘good spirits’ returning a match rod average 3.5.

The team competition was won by Avon and Somerset with a combined weight of 61lb 9oz. Whilst the individual competition was won by Mr Dave Mateer with a bag weight of 31lb 8oz.

Weekly Stats:

Number Rods: 403. Number Trout Taken: 473. Number trout released: 1200

Total Catch: 1673. Weekly Rod Average: 4.1

Current Fishing Times:

Bank: 07:30 until 22:00

Boat All Day: 08:30 until 22:00

Boat Part Day: AM 08:30 until 15:45 PM 15:45 until 22:00

Last 4 Hours from: 18:00 until 22:00

All anglers to be off site by 22:30

Fishery Rules: All boat anglers are reminded that they must keep 50 yards from the bank and 70 yards from any bank angler.

That’s it for this week -

Tight Lines,