ANGLING: Dan’s incredible catch

Cat Fish
Cat Fish
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WHAT a whopper! This is 13-year-old Dan Harborne’s biggest catch yet - a Danubian Wels catfish weighing a staggering 81lb 15oz.

The Ashlawn School pupil has a fascination with big fish and hopes to become a marine biologist. His previous best have been a 21lb carp, 22lb sturgeon and 35lb catfish, so this monster caught at Horton Boat Pool near Staines with the Cemex syndicate is heavier than all three put together!

Bailiffs identified it as the biggest in the lake having recognised it as the ‘scarred one’.

Dad Ron has been Dan’s mentor and they needed the help of another angler too so they could weigh it. It took 45 minutes to land at 3.15 one morning. Dan was fishing with meat boilie on a KD rig that he had made up himself.

Sponsored by Rugby Tackle, he has been fishing since he was five and concentrating on big fish since he was ten.