Angling: Final match in series ends with big catches

Simon Green
Simon Green

I will start this week with the report from the last of the current run of Rob Taylor’s Thursday opens at Peatling Match Lakes, writes Simon Green.

This one was held on the B Lake and quite fittingly it was Rob Himself who signed off the series with a win and he did in style with a superb net of 173lb 9oz of carp taken on the bread!

Runner up was Fred Johnson with 72lb 15oz of carp and F1’s taken on pellet and meat.

Third place went to Gil Corns with 51lb 5oz taken on the pellet.

15 anglers from Spring Street fished Toft Carp Lake using the island pegs. As usual conditions were very windy but the carp did show on most pegs albeit some slower than others.

First spot on peg 1 was Nathan Granger with 119 lb 14 oz, a good catch of carp using the waggler and feeder to the far side on pellet.

Second on peg 47 was John Davis with 70 lb 4 oz, again mostly good size carp and a few silvers on the pole on maggot and corn.

Third on peg 39 was Tony Ward with 68 lb 2 oz, all carp taken on the pellet waggler and feeder.

Fourth on peg 4 was Alan Bolton with 61 lb 8 oz, mostly carp and few silvers, again using feeder tactics.

With fairly good back up weights for most a total of 685 lb was caught.

Next match Sunday 13th April at Peatling E Lake. There are guest pegs available.

Call Jim on (01788) 570228 by Thursday please.

I’ve also had a result come in from Spring pools where the white hart lads held a match on the Bottom Lake on the 6th April.

17 fished the match and the top three were as follows:-

1st - peg 15 : Trevor Griffiths 93lb 12oz

2nd - Peg 17: D Jackson 60lb 12oz

3rd Peg 1 : Dave Griffiths 51lb

4th - Peg 22 : G Murrayman 50lb 7oz

Rutland Water

Fish week 1,667 (season 3,494) Returns 241 (493) Rod average 6.91 (7.08)

Anglers have enjoyed a very good week at Rutland Water with a notable increase in overwintered fish being caught and fish coming from many areas. With the winter restrictions being lifted last Tuesday, allowing access to the bottom of both arms, it was no surprise to see specimen fish being netted. The best Rainbow of the week fell to Phil Welbourne of Market Deeping. Phil caught a superb conditioned 7lb 4oz Rainbow from the North Arm with a cat’s whisker on a floating line.

The Independence Day trophy was fished on Saturday 5 April. Long time season ticket holder Mike Barrett of Sheffield was the victor with the biggest fish on the day – a 6lb 9¾oz Brown. Mike boat fished the middle of the North Arm, using a sinking line and lure to net his fish. Keith Jones of Werrington also ventured down the North Arm and caught and returned 5 or 6 Browns using sinking lines and lure tactics. Fish estimated around the 6lb mark were returned.

The South Arm was a lot quieter than the North Arm due to the easterly winds that had been prevailing for a number of days, putting a bit of colour in the reservoir at the far end.

Other notable fish taken during the week included a 7lb 3½oz Rainbow for Phil Longstaff. Anglers fishing in the East Yorkshire Fly Dressers match last Friday accounted for some good fish with a Rainbow that nearly went to 6lb for Steve Goldthorpe and a 5lb ¾oz Brown for Jim Foster. Other over wintered Browns have been caught and released.

Many methods seem to be working with good numbers of fish falling to buzzer patterns fished on floating and midge tip lines, however, there were a lot of match anglers out across the weekend with various sinking lines and lures scoring well. Prospects look excellent with fish feeding hard on buzzers in general, with corixa and some even feeding on last year’s roach and perch fry. Fish have been moving on top on some days – sheltered spots away from the wind in the calmer water are the place to look.

Grafham Water

Fish week 1,416 (season 3,307) Returns 187 (464)

Rod average 7.57 (7.12)

Anglers are enjoying a great season at Grafham Water with a tremendous rod average of 7.57.

Season ticket holder Steve Jones from St Ives caught the biggest Rainbow of the season so far - a superb overwintered 7lb 10oz specimen. Steve caught this personal best Rainbow on a floating line with a black and green buzzer whilst bank fishing from The Seat. He also caught and released another 11 trout in a 2½ hour session. In four visits over the week he caught and released 57 trout.

Bob Wallinger from Leicester caught the biggest Brown of the season so far whilst boat fishing at N Buoy. Bob caught an excellent conditioned Brown of 9lb 6oz on a Di5 line with a gold and silver tube.

The bank anglers have had a superb week with most areas on the reservoir producing good consistent catch rates. The most productive method for bank anglers has been to fish floating lines with black and olive buzzers, Gold Ribbed Hares Ear, crunchers, diawl bachs and pheasant tail nymphs fished slowly. The best areas have been banks at Deep Water Point, G Buoy, Marlow Stones, Gaynes Cove and the Seat.

Boat anglers have also enjoyed an excellent week with the north shore being the most prolific.

Most consistent methods from the boats have been sink tip or medium sink lines with black and olive buzzers, crunchers, pheasant tail nymphs, black and green lures (large) and orange blobs and boobies. The main areas for the boat anglers have been Hedge End, Deep Water Point, G and N Buoys, The Seat and Gaynes Cove.

Pitsford Water

Fish week 507(season 2,195) Returns 123 (510)

Rod Average 4.4 (4.3)

Pitsford Water has continued to fish very well in the mild conditions. With a further stocking of 1,250 fish in the week, making a total stocking of 8,250 so far this year, there are plenty of fish in all areas of the lake at the moment.

Bill McColl, 85 years young, had the best fish of the week, a lovely over wintered Rainbow of 6lb 4oz, while fishing a single size 12 black buzzer on a floating line. Mick Foster fished the Ash Tree Bay and had around a dozen fish on buzzers, the best a Brown of between 4-5lb which he returned to fight another day.

There have again been large numbers of buzzers on the water and the best methods have been floating lines with teams of buzzer and diawl bachs, either straight line or under the bung.

The best bank areas have been Stilton, Grose Bank, Duffers and Stone Barn. From the boats try Bog Bay, Ash Tree Bay and Brixworth Bay.

With the bank fishing so well, entries for the new bank match on 13 April are being taken. Get your team entries to Chris at the fishing lodge.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir

Fish week 596 (season 3,216) Returns 85 (354)

Rod average 7.01(9.08)

Anglers continue to enjoy some fantastic sport at Ravensthorpe on floating lines with buzzers and diawl bachs. The biggest fish of the week was a 5lb 8oz Rainbow taken by Kevin Dakin from the bank using a black buzzer and floating line. Although cold winds have slowed the sport slightly the rod average for the week is still over 7 fish per rod.

Boat anglers are catching well between the Island and Catwalk Corner with fish taking black or red buzzers fished static.

Bank anglers are also finding that fish are on the buzzers with Platforms 2-8 fishing well.

That’s all for this week folks

Tight lines, Simon