ANGLING: Trout fishing

Simon Green
Simon Green

By Simon Green

Draycote Closing Day 2013 - November 30th.

At this time of year many anglers pack away their gear, and wait for the new year to come in, before they think about going fishing again. Those who do stick it out until the end of November and beyond, it has to be said are often rewarded with some of the best fishing of the season!

Draycote is going by the book at the moment, with some excellent fishing being had from both the bank and boats. The recent rains and cooler nights have given the fish that little nudge, reminding them that winter is just around the corner, and they sure have responded, with fish over 6lb being recorded EVERY day this week.

Gordon Slack recorded the best fish of the week, a rainbow of 7lb caught from the bank at Toft Shallows. The banks have been generally fishing well, as the fish have moved ever closer to the shores to feed. Some real cracking fish are being caught almost anywhere around the lakes shores. Fry patterns have been working very well, as have crunchers and diawl bachs as the fish mop up the remaining snails and fresh water shrimps from the weed around the margins.

Boats too have been generally fishing well, again fry patterns leading the way. Di-3 and di-5 lines have been the better options, though regular rudder angler Mr Severn took his 8 fish bag limit at 40’ he claims! Toft Shallows, the Farnborough dam and Draycote bank dam have been the best boat areas.

Only two boats remain for the Christmas Fur & Feather match on Sunday 24th November so if you would like to fish then I would call sooner rather than later.

Our 2014 season opens on March 4th.

Total number of rods 135 Number of fish killed 160 Number of fish returned 256

2014 Season Permits: Draycote are updating their membership waiting list, if you’re interested in the possibility of a season permit at Draycote for the 2014 season contact the lodge ASAP to ensure they have your contact details. Call (01788) 812018.