Coombe fishery officer Jake Davoile helping out young Zac and Koan Hill with their first ever 12lb pike
Coombe fishery officer Jake Davoile helping out young Zac and Koan Hill with their first ever 12lb pike
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Round-up of the region’s fisheries

Coombe Pool Fishery

After a memorable summer and autumn with Tench to 8lb, carp to 39lb, and bream to over 10lb.

Anglers are now turning their attention to the predators and they have already seen zander to over 14lb 8oz and pike to 18lb banked and have the best months ahead of us.

Large deadbaits for the bigger pike although a mobile approach scores well with dawn and dusk being prime time.

Day tickets are available from the fishery car park machine at £5.50 (1 rod) and £6.70 (more than 1 rod) for adults and £2.70 for kids (remember that the machine doesn’t give change). Season tickets are available from the Visitor Centre from £43.35

The picture attached is Fishery officer Jake Davoile (me) helping out young Zac and Koan Hill with their first ever pike at 12lb.

For the latest on the Fishery please call Jake Davoile on 07968087971 or 024 76453720.

Rutland Water

Fish week 361 (season 30,167 ) Returns 157 (9,153) Rod average 2.29 (3.35)

A fantastic week at Rutland Water with Des Welch taking the biggest Rainbow of the season at 8lb 12oz. Des, a season ticket holder from Chaddeston, Derbyshire, caught this superb specimen last Thursday whilst boat fishing with Rick Broome of Whissendine, Oakham. The pair fished the South Arm with sinking lines and a black booby humungus.

Season ticket holder Steve Crowder took a boat out last Friday and had a good day with five Rainbows from the North Arm up to 5lb.

Bank anglers have caught from the Peninsula, Whitwell and Normanton. John Richards of Gonerby Hill Foot near Grantham was bank fishing off the end of the Peninsula last Monday. John had joked with Robbie in the tackle shop that he was going to get a monster and he was rewarded with a Rainbow of 6lb 13oz – the best fish from the bank taken during the week.

Prospects look good with plenty of fish being caught from a variety of places around the reservoir. Fish are feeding predominately on daphnia, shrimp, the odd fry/stickleback and snail.

12 Boats will be available up to Sunday 2 December – please phone the fishing lodge to confirm – booking essential (01780 686441).

Please note the Brown trout season has ended - any Browns caught must be returned safely to the water immediately.

Winter restrictions started on 1 November – no boats past the sailing limits.

Best Rainbow 8lb 12oz taken by Des Welch of Derby.

Best boat areas Middle South Arm (Old Hall, Yellowstone, Hambleton Wood) the main basin, middle of North Arm.

Best bank areas Peninsula, Whitwell, the Dam and Normanton, East Creek.

Best methods Bank – Floating line with minkies, black tadpole, diawl bach, pheasant tail.

Boat – As for bank but include humungus, boobies – gold/silver tubes on various sinking lines.

Predator fishing

A number of Zander are being caught along with one or two Pike – the best recorded at 15lb. A number of areas are proving successful for Predator anglers including the Main Basin off the Sailing Club and the middle of the North Arm. Predator anglers can take advantage of additional boats being available until 2 December – but booking is essential.

Forthcoming events

Pike fishing with lures and dead seafish over 18cm

STOP PRESS some boats now available to 2 December (limited boats available – booking essential).

Grafham Water

Fish week 463 (season 22,734) Returns 126 (6,250) Rod average 3.67 (3.63)

Grafham Water has once again fished well for both bank and boat anglers with 30% of the trout caught weighing over 3lb. The biggest fish of the week was a 7lb 4oz Rainbow taken at Mander Car Park frontage by Brian Calvert of Buckden. The biggest bag of the week was caught by Iain Barr of Peterborough. Iain caught 8 Rainbows for a tremendous weight of 33lb 14oz – his biggest Rainbow weighed 6lb 2oz. Iain fished shrimp patterns and crunchers on a floating line in Sailing Club Bay and drifting along the edge of the weed beds along the Sludge Bank.

Bank anglers have enjoyed some good sport with the Seat and Sailing Club Bay being the most productive areas, along with Mander Car Park frontage, Gaynes Cove, Dam, G bank, Deep Water Point and Pylon Points. The main methods for bank anglers have been floating lines with shrimp patterns, GRHE, minkies and black and green lures.

Boat anglers have had a great week’s fishing mainly with floating lines with shrimp patterns, GRHE, crunchers, minkies and cats whiskers. The most productive boat areas have been Stumps, Sailing Club Bay, Sludge Bank, Dam, Gaynes Cove, Deep Water and Pylon Points.

Best Rainbow 7lb 4oz taken by Brian Calvert of Buckden.

Best boat areas Dam, Seat, Sludge Bank, Gaynes Cove, Sailing Club

Bay, Stumps, Deep Water Point, Pylon Point.

Best bank areas Entire Dam, Seat, Gaynes Cove, Deep Water Point, Pylon Point, Mander Car Park frontage.

Predator fishing

The predator fishing has been good with Dwaine Wilson from Abbots Ripton catching a 21lb 2oz Pike and a 10lb 3oz Zander. Darren Edwards from Ramsey caught a cracking Zander of 18lb 8oz.

Boat fish for Pike at Grafham Water – mid week boats now available. Plus pike fishing with lures and dead seafish over 18cm 8 October to 25 November.

Pitsford Water

Fish week 58 (season 16,756) Returns 38 (4,876) Rod average 1.5 (3.4)

Although fewer anglers have ventured out this week some good fish have come to the net. Andy Shortland of Northampton has continued his fine end of season form with 6 fish in a morning session, fishing minkie patterns in Hell Bay. Bill Kingston of Milton Malsor took the best fish of the week a lovely Rainbow of 4lb 11oz.

Ian Wright of Northampton returned a 5lb 11oz Brown safely to the water. John Fletcher had a full finned Rainbow of 4lb 8oz on a brown minkie whilst boat fishing in Bog Bay.

The best bank areas have been Gorse, Bog Bay and Hell Bay. Boat anglers have found the best fishing along the narrows with Rigbys and Gorse Bank worth a try. Sinking lines and minkies have proved most successful.

Best Rainbow 4lb 11oz taken by Bill Kingston of Milton Malsor, Northampton.

Best boat areas Narrows, Rigbys, Gorse.

Best bank areas Gorse Bank, Bog Bay.

Boat fishing for Pike with lures and sea deadbaits over 18cm continues to 25 November.

Ravensthorpe Reservoir

Fish week 69 (season 9,942) Returns 21 (2,053) Rod average 3.3 (4.84)

A decent week’s fishing at Ravensthorpe despite some inclement weather. Ravensthorpe regulars Pat Flynn and Pete Webb boat fished the main bowl on Saturday and Sunday bringing 40 plus fish to their boat – fry patterns again taking most fish. The best Rainbow of the week weighed in at 7lb 6oz and was taken by Tim Lukeson

Fish are lying deeper now but will readily take fry patterns on sinking lines fished slowly from a drifting boat. Black and brown minkies, green and white marabou lures are the best.

When conditions allow some trout are still cruising the shallows and will take small midge patterns and crunchers on floating lines – try platforms 3 and 4 from the bank and near platforms 13 and 14 from the boats for these fish.

Please be aware that the last day for boats at Ravensthorpe is Sunday 25 November. Bank fishing continues until the end of the year with day tickets available from the vendor hut on site.

Please note the Brown trout season ended on 29 October. Any Browns caught must be returned safely to the water.

Forthcoming events

Pike fishing with lures and dead sea fish over 18cm 8 October to 25 November.

That’s it for another week

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