Artistic success

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Last weekend saw two major competitions for the Club, The Men’s Artistic London Open and the Women’s Artistic Grades competition.

The Men’s Artistic competition is split into boys’ development 8 years and under and boys who are over this age. The older boys compete in the different Trophy categories. It is a very prestigious competition with many experienced elite gymnasts taking part.

London Development Open

Clayton Bell entered the U8 category at Level 1 and was placed 12th with an overall score of 45.10. His best piece of apparatus was the vault where he achieved a top score of 9.70 placing him first and awarding him a gold medal. Joseph Quinn also entered the ‘in age’ category at Level 1 and achieved a total score of 44.80 and a score of 8.80 on the vault.

Matthew Bull entered at Level 2 in the ‘in age’ category and achieved an overall score of 43.85 with his best piece being the vault with a score of 8.70.

At Level 3 in age, Niall Cleaver’s overall score was 44.65 and his best piece was also the vault with a high score of 9.50 placing him second for this piece.

At Level 4 both James Odwell and Sam Creagh were entered the ‘in age’ category and James’s overall score was 41.60 and his vault score was 8.20, whilst Sam achieved 43.45 and his highest apparatus score was 8.00, given for his floor routine.

Owen Print competed in the ‘Clayton Bolt Shield’ and his overall score was 31.650, his parallel bar routine gave him a high score of 11.75.

Ryan Wanttaja was entered in the ‘Loveday Trophy’ competition and achieved a total score of 58.250 and on the vault a very high score of 12.30.

West Midlands Regional and National Grades – Women’s Artistic

The girls’ squad also competed last weekend in the annual grades competition.

At Regional Grade 11, in age Sol Elliott was awarded a total score of 39.45, with her best piece being the vault on which she scored 11.00.

Georgia Whitehead achieved an overall score of 44.55, with her best piece also being the vault with a high score of 11.90. This result means Georgia was awarded a Distinction.

Carly Bates achieved a great overall score of 45.20 and her top apparatus score was the vault with 12.15. Carly was also awarded a Distinction.

At National Grade 8, Eliana Marsella passed her grade in the ‘in age’ category with an overall score of 40.25. Eliana’s best piece was the vault where she scored a very high 12.60.