ATHLETICS: Rugby & Northampton AC


Three tie in unique finish to 100m

Remarkable outcome sees three R&N athletes all clock the same 100m time on a day of success at Kettering

Three Rugby & Northampton Athletic Club athletes recorded a unique finish at Saturday’s Kettering Open by taking the first three positions in exactly the same time.

Rico Ewer, Tom Cheyne and Clinton Osoba-George helped R&N run in a blanket one-two-three finish in the 100 metres and they were all credited with a time of 11.3.

It was just one of a series of tremendous results for R&N athletes with notable highlights including a string of personal bests recorded. The open event pitches athletes of similar abilities against each other with the emphasis on improving personal times and distances.

Abigail Pearce produced a breakthrough display in the under 13 girls Javelin - a result that moves her up the rankings and into the top six in the UK after a throw of 24.18. Evie Harris-Jenkins recorded her own personal best in the under 17 girls with a distance of 36.18.

Adele Blenkinsop put in two PB performances to show her versatility by reaching 6.45 in the under 13 girls Shot Put and clocking 14.2 in the 100m. Her double success was matched by under 17 girl Kiona McLennon, who posted 11.83 in the shot and 13.4 in the 100m – crossing the line with Rachel George to give both a PB, with Elizabeth Truslove also impressing in a time of 13.6.

Sachin Thethy posted a PB in the under 11 boys 75m with a time of 11.2, then recorded another individual record of 22.2 in the 150m, while there were more personal records for Brett Mason (under 20 men, 53.4) in the 400m and Katie Clubb (under 20 women, 64.2) on a promising debut at the same distance. Clubb also added an excellent 2.26 in the 800m.

Adam Searle produced another stellar performance in the under 15 boys 1500m with a PB time of 4:34.5, while in the same category, Matthew Rushton improved his fastest time to 4:51.5.

Further significant times came in the 1500m from under 13 girls Georgina Woodward (5:23.7) and Holly Walker (5:32.0), while Josh Lay (under 15 boys) took his own 800m record to 2:17.8 and Ben Hope (under 13 boys) continued his promising start to the season with another best of 2:30.1 at the same distance.

The U17 and U20 athletes now move on to the first round of the Youth Development League at Birmingham Alexander Stadium this weekend.

Full Rugby & Northampton Results:

75 Metres

Ellie Carter, U11G, 12.2; Oliver Rose, U11B, 13.5; Lukas Ogunfeitimi, U11B, 11.8; Archie Shepperdson, U11B, 11.9; Megan Palmer, U11G, 13.1; Isaac Beetham-Green, U11B, 13.7; Charlotte Bowers, U11B, 13.8; Xcena Pasqualin, U11G, 12.9; Ellis Harry, U11B, 13.5; Peter Van Wem, U11B, 12.5; Riley Hillyard, U11B, 12.7; Joshua Tutt, U11B, 13.3; Grace Hughes, U11G, 12.2; Ruby Wood , U11G, 12.9; Michael Corbett, U11B, 13.4; Sachin Thethy, U11B, 11.2; Poppy Lovell, U11G, 12.7

100 Metres

Patience Baffa-Ata, U13G, 15.5; Paige Livesey, U13G, 16.2; Harleen Bassan, U13G, 16.1; Chloe Bevan, U13G, 15.1; Shanice Mclennon, U13G, 15.4; Kane Burgess, U13B, 15.5; Victoria Merrey, U13G, 14.8; Amelia Tutt, U13G, 14.9; Iola Grant, U13G, 15.2; Mia McClelland, U13G, 15.6; Fenella Downes, U13G, 14.5; Christopher Mayes, U13B, 14.7; Jada Ababio, U13G, 14.8; Josh Lambert, U13B, 15.1; Adele Blenkinsop, U13G, 14.2; Patrick Adedeji, U13B, 14.9; Thomas Kirk, U15B, 14.2; Mary Beetham-Green, U13G, 14.3; Will Dean, U13B, 14.6; Leyah Dobson, U13G, 14.9; George Kirk, U15B, 14.3; Alfie Bowers, U13B, 14.1; Sophie Kelso, U15G, 14.5; Eddie Baker, U13B, 14.8; Harry Mason, U15B, 13.4; Elizabeth Truslove, U13G, 13.6; Tamzin Blenkinsop, U15G, 14.6; Rachel George, U17G, 13.4; Kiona Mclennon, U17G, 13.4; Megan Exley, U20W, 13.7; Daniel Couldrake, U15B, 13; Phoenix Hitchcock, U15G, 14.8; Richard Bowers, VETM, 12.7; Oliver Lambert, U15B, 12.1; Christopher Sutherland, SENM, 12.3; Samuel Tutt, U15B, 12.4; Connor Aldridge, U17B, 11.7; Brett Mason, U20M, 11.9; Josh Lambert, U13B, 12.1; Zachary Stapleton, U17B, 26.5; Rico Ewer, U17B, 11.3; Tom Cheyne, U17B, 11.3; Clinton Osoba-George, U20M, 11.3

150 Metres

Finlay Heard, U11B, 26; Mya Dobson, U11G, 25.3; Ellie Carter, U11G, 27.9; Orla Myers, U11G, 30.8; Peter Van Wem, U11B, 24.7; Henry Woodward, U11B, 25.9; Megan Palmer, U11G, 28; Xcena Pasqualin, U11G, 28.1; Sachin Thethy, U11B, 22.2; Grace Hughes, U11G, 24.3; Lily Pearce, U11G, 26.8; Charlotte Bowers, U11B, 29.6; Claudia Searle, U11G, 26.1.

200 Metres

Daniel Couldrake, U15B, 27.3; Daisy Lovell, U13G, 34.6; Patience Baffa-Ata, U13G, 35.6; Fenella Downes, U13G, 30.4; Paige Livesey, U13G, 35.2; Chloe Bevan, U13G, 34.3; Hollie Reynolds, U13G, 35.4; Mary Beetham-Green, U13G, 30.8; Ben Hope, U13B, 31.8; Josh Lambert, U13B, 31.5; Georgina Woodward, U13G, 30.3; Will Dean, U13B, 31.5; Harry Mason, U15B, 28.2; Elizabeth Truslove, U13G, 28.7; Patrick Adedeji, U13B, 32.6; Rachel George, U17G, 28.7; Sophie Kelso, U15G, 29.8; Eddie Baker, U13B, 30.6; Alfie Bowers, U13B, 34.8; Shanice Mclennon, U13G, 34.9; Samantha Butler, U20W, 28.6; Christopher Sutherland, SENM, 25.4; Richard Bowers, VETM, 26.1; Tom Cheyne, U17B, 23.5; Oliver Lambert, U15B, 24.5; Thomas Jasper, U15B, 25; Rico Ewer, U17B, 22.9; Clinton Osoba-George, U20M, 23.2.

300 Metres

Natalie Goddard, U17G, 46.4; Ciara Moore, U17G, 47; Thomas Jasper, U15B, 40.3; Lily Carmichael, U17G, 44.9; Poppy Carmichael, U15G, 45.1.

400 Metres

Brett Mason, U20M, 53.4; Katie Clubb, U20W, 64.2; Danny George, SENM, 52.6; Connor Aldridge, U17B, 53.2.

600 Metres

Jake Hope, U11B, 2.01.9; Mya Dobson, U11G, 2.10.8; Michael Corbett, U11B, 2.13.8; Oliver Rose, U11B, 2.39.9; Poppy Lovell, U11G, 2.09.8; Megan Palmer, U11G, 2.23.3; Henry Woodward, U11B, 2.26.4; Ellis Harry, U11B, 2.28.1; Dominic O’Connell, U11B, 2.36.3; Emily Corbett, U11G, 2.39.6; Grace Hughes, U11G, 2.06.2; Henry Woodward, U11B, 2.07.0, Finlay Heard, U11B, 2.11.6; Ella Poole, U11G, 2.16.9; Finbar Myers, U11B, 2.19.1; Xcena Pasqualin, U11G, 2.22.5; Noah Bennett, U11B, 2.02.1; Claudia Searle, U11G, 2.04.1; Peter Van Wem, U11B, 2.04.7.

800 Metres

Gabriella Peck, U13G, 2.51.6; Elysia Lay, U13G, 2.54.1; Lucy Moore, U13G, 3.06.8; Finlay Martin , U13B, 3.07.9; Fraser Woolridge, U13B, 2.52.4; Abbi Carter, U15G, 2.57.3; Niall Martin, U13B, 2.57.5; Hollie Reynolds, U13G, 2.59.1; India Phipps, U13G, 3.00.7; Daisy Lovell, U13G, 3.01.6; Charis Hayes, U15G, 2.36.4; Abigail Pearce, U13G, 2.39.4; Kane Burgess, U13B, 2.42.4; Zoe Morling, U13G, 2.52.9; Michael Lewis, VETM, 2.25.0, Katie Clubb, U20W, 2.26.0, Ben Hope, U13B, 2.30.1; Oliver Munns, U20M, 2.13.7; joshua Lay, U15B, 2.17.8.

1500 Metres

Holly Walker, U13G, 5.32.0, Jack Mains, U13B, 5.39.0, Amelia McMurtrie, U13G, 5.52.5; Amy Walker, U15G, 5.09.8; William McMurtrie, U15B, 5.21.8; Georgina Woodward, U13G, 5.23.7; Matthew Rushton, U15B, 4.51.5; Kirsty Goddard, U17G, 4.56.8; Bethan Goddard, U20W, 5.16.2; Hizam Sheekh, U20M, 4.24.9; Peter Currington, SENM, 4.25.1; Adam Searle, U15B, 4.34.5; Adam Caulfield, U13B, 4.51.4.

High Jump

Iola Grant, U13G, 1.20, Adele Blenkinsop, U13G, 1.20, Amelia Tutt, U13G, 1.15; Leyah Dobson, U13G, 1.15; India Phipps, U13G, 1.10, Daisy Lovell, U13G, 1.00, Mia McClelland, U13G, 1.00, Phoenix Hitchcock, U15G, 1.10.


Abigail Pearce, U13G, 24.18; Victoria Merrey, U13G, 9.58; Evie Harris-Jenkins, U17G, 36.18; Kiona Mclennon, U17G, 22.43; Megan Exley, U20W, 32.65.

Long Jump

Thomas Jasper, U15B, 4.78; Lukas Ogunfeitimi, U11B, 3.36; Sachin Thethy, U11B, 3.36; Oliver Rose, U11B, 2.89; Henry Woodward, U11B, 2.81; Ellis Harry, U11B, 2.69; Isaac Beetham-Green, U11B, 2.68; Joshua Tutt, U11B, 2.66; Lily Pearce, U11G, 2.65; Georgina Woodward, U13G, 4.01; Jada Ababio, U13G, 3.79; Mary Beetham-Green, U13G, 3.75; Abigail Pearce, U13G, 3.65; Iola Grant, U13G, 3.48; Hollie Reynolds, U13G, 3.02; Chloe Bevan, U13G, 2.88.

Shot Put

Adele Blenkinsop, U13G, 6.45; Amelia Tutt, U13G, 5.12; India Phipps, U13G, 4.24; Paige Livesey, U13G, 4.11; Lucy Moore, U13G, 3.86; Victoria Merrey, U13G, 3.62; Samuel Tutt, U15B, 9.93; Phoenix Hitchcock, U15G, 6.81; Kiona Mclennon, U17G, 11.83.


Ella Poole, U11G, 20.2; Lily Pearce, U11G, 12.8; Charlotte Bowers, U11B, 12.36; Ellie Carter, U11G, 7.24; Poppy Lovell, U11G, 6.13; Lukas Ogunfeitimi, U11B, 20.27; Joshua Tutt, U11B, 20.19; Dominic O’Connell, U11B, 19.45; Riley Hillyard, U11B, 17.42; Isaac Beetham-Green, U11B, 14.52.