ATHLETICS: Veterans’ League

Debbie Murch hammers new record

The third Veteran’s athletic league match was held on a damp and windy Wednesday at Rugby track. Before the match started a heavy rain storm sent all scurrying for shelter. Then as the first field event, pole vault, was due to start a freak gust of wind lifted the whole of the landing cover high into the air, ripping off one of the arms on the stand and depositing the heavy cover 20 metres away on the track. Repairs were needed before the event could begin.

Meanwhile Rugby and Northampton Lion, Debbie Murch, had launched the women’s 50 age group hammer to a new League Record, winning in 34.72m. She also won the W35 Discus 22.72m; Wins also for Jean Fail in the W50 long jump 3.78m and W35 Triple J_ 8.03m. Lions dominated the field events with 4/5 wins. Track performances were hindered by the wind but despite this Sally Hine finished first in the W60 100m, 16.6s and 1500m, 7:25.2s.The only other win for the Lions was Leslie Willis W40 400m 70.3s; in the 100m she had to settle for second 14.8s behind ex-team-mate, now Leamington, Chris Hawker 14.5s. Chris Cox in her first outing this year was second W60 walk, 15:09.2 behind Val Cross who led the way home in 14:58.6 for R&N Saints, the B-team. Val was also 3rd in the W60 1500m, 8:24.4 and picked up points in the 100m and W50 hammer having been given some lessons prior to the event.

The ladies had three new recruits to Track & field on show. For Saints, Jordane Hudson achieved 2nd W35 100m 15.3, a respectable performance against the wind with only 4 weeks training and Rachel Shaw W35 1500m secured 3rd in the W35 5:44.6. Following Rachel home for 5th place, Lion’s Susan Lawrence, in 6:08.7. Michele Leach came for the 400m and also scored in Long J and Discus. Points were hard to come by for the rest of the ladies, the teams not helped by several absences due to world championships and annual holidays but many ladies tried new events to help the points score. The Lions team finished 2nd and the Saints 5th.

The Lions Men were nearly up to full strength, winning 6/8 field events, 4 track events plus 5 second places. Saint bagged another 5 seconds. This round had more M60 events than usual keeping Dave Cowley busy. He won the High Jump 1.35m, 2nd 400m 69.5s, 3rd 100m 15.2s before winning the M50 Pole Vault 2.40m and Triple J 9.57m. Kevin Murch swapped his preferred javelin to win the M50 Shot 10.93m and M35 Discus 29.32m; he also cleared 2.40m in the vault for 5th although the winner set a new league best of 3.80m. Ian Gidley cleared 5.29m against the wind to win the M40 long j. His 13.3s guest 100m suggests he may be claiming a sprint place in the future. Dave Pope made his first vets appearance in the M60 Discus claiming 2nd with 33.61m. The event was won in a League record 41.26m by Barry Hawkesworth of Charnwood.

On the track Lion M40 Clive Morrison recorded the fastest 100m of the day 12.4s, the fastest 1500m was newcomer M35 Mike Aldridge 4:26.6 although close behind was team-mate Paul Birch Guesting in 4:29.7s. Continued the wins Terry Egan M50 1500m 4:51.9s and M60 Walk Keith Richards 11:37.3s. Second places were claimed by Ces Moven M50 100m 13.2s, Richard Bowers M35 400m 56.3s PB and the Medley relay team who were pipped on the line despite an excellent 4:00.5s. With third spots for Gary Wallace in the M40 400m and Greg Spellman M40 1500m and 4th for Langman and Harris the team recorded its highest score this year.

The Saints were also in good form with second placings for: Gordon Houghton leading off the M60 100m 14.4s. Kamal Kheldouni M35 100m 13.3s, Mark Barrowclough M35 walk 11:42.8s and Frank Blackwell M50 Pole vault 2.00m. Frank also picked up 4th in the M50 shot and 5th M50 TJ. Forth or fifth were the most common results for the team; Adrian White M50 1500m, Brendon Moen M35 1500m and new vet Dave Cary M50 100m were all 4th, While Brian Summers M40 1500m, John Love M60 Walk and M60 discus, Andy Marshall M40 100m and Craig Hobson M35 400m finished 5th. With several athletes missing or unfit it was good to see people attempting new disciplines. Kamal’s first pole vault 2.20m, Craig trying Discus and long Jump, Dave Care 100m. Unluckiest athlete was Geoff Powell who travelled 80 miles to compete but missed the train and arrived late for his event. With other members filling in to gain valuable points Saints were rewarded with their highest score this year and 5th place.

The final match will be at Loughborough on August 3rd; A critical event with first place still wide open for men and women.

Scores so far;-

Women Men

Club Match 3 scores League Pts Club Match 3 scores League Pts (After 3 Matches)

Leamington 113 23 R&N Lions 147 23

R&N Lions 104 22 Charnwood 113 22

Harborough 91 18 Tamworth 99.5 17

Charnwood 67 15 Leamington 101.5 13

R&N Saints 57 11 R&N Saints 87 12.5

Leicester C. 48 7.5 Leicester C 67 9.5

Nuneaton 25 7 Harborough 55 6

Tamworth 44 4.5 Nuneaton 22 5

Individual performances; (lions, Saints) Women

100m; W60 S Hine 16.6s, V Cross 21.1s, W50 J Fail 16.6s, -, W40 L Willis 14.8s, L Johnson 19.8s, W35 N Durose 17.2, J Hudson 15.3s. 400m; W35 K Williams 80.5s, M Leach 72.5s, W40 Willis 70.4s, M Ackerman 94.1s, W50 -, M Allen 95.2s. Walk; W40 Willis 16:23.3s, -, W60 C Cox 15:09.2s, Cross 14:58.6s. 1500m; W35 S Lawrence 6:08.7s, R Shaw 5:44.6s, W40 Williams 6:02.5s, Johnson 7:08.1s, W60 Hine 7:25.2s, Cross 8:24.4s. Medley relay; (Durose, Hine, Willis, Lawrence) 5:28.3s_4th, (Johnson, Hudson, Leach, Shaw) 5:29.5s_disq. Hammer; W35 Hine 12.47m, W50 D Murch 34.72LR. Long J W40 Fail 3.78m. Triple J W50 Fail 8.03m. Discus W35 Murch 22.64m


100m; M60 Cowley 15.2s, G Houghton 14.4s, M50 C Moven 13.2s, D Care 14.5s, M40 C Morrison 12.4s, A Marshall 13.9s, Guest I Gidley 13.3 M35 M Langman 13.6s, K Kheldouni 13.3s. 400m M35 R Bowers 56.3sPB, C Hobson 63.6sPB, M40 G Wallace 59.8s, D Ronchetti 63.0s, M60 Cowley 69.5s,-. Walk M35 S Harris 12:33.2s, M Barrowclough 11:42.8sSB, M60 K Richards 11:37.3s, J Love 15:08.8s. 1500m M35 M Aldridge 4:26.6SB, B Moen 5:02.3, Guest P Birch 4:29.7sPB, M40 G Spellman 4:38.9s, B Summers 5:06.4, M50 T Egan 4:51.9s, A White 5:28.0s. Medley relay (Bowers, Greaves, Bell, Birch) 4:00.5, Barrowclough, Marshall, Hobson, Kheldouni) 4:29.1s. Pole V: M35 K Murch 2.40m, Kheldouni 2.20mPB, M50 Cowley 2.40m, F Blackwell 2.00m. High J M60 Cowley 1.35m, -. Discus M35 Murch 29.32m, Hobson 15.63mPB, Guest Powell 20.59m, M60 D Pope 33.81mPB, Love 22.47m, Guest Cowley 25.37m. Triple J M50 Cowley 9.57m, Blackwell 8.45m. Shot M50 Murch 10.93m, Blackwell 7.23m. Long J M40 I Gidley 5.29m, Hobson 3.99mPB