ATHLETICS: Victory for Masters team

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R&N Vets win the second 2011 League match

The second round of the Midland Veteran athletes Track and field competition took place in Nuneaton at the start of the month, but due to problems with competitors numbers at the end of the Race Walk it took over two weeks and several phone calls /emails to correctly identify the finishers and their clubs in order to provide an accurate results sheet.

The problem involved one competitor dropping out and another having the wrong number, but with the points between three teams so close a mistake could radically change league positions.

Rugby and Northampton run an ‘A’ team Lions and ‘B’ team ‘Saints’ in the League.

The match started with the 200m sprints; In the Men’s60 age group, Gordon Houghton (Saints) eased through to 2nd in 28.1s ahead of training partner Dave Cowley 28.4 (Lions). In the M50 Alan Greaves(L) welcome return gained 2nd 27.4s and Dave Bunker(S) 6th 32.7s. Clive Morrison(L) claimed victory in the M40 25.0s taking revenge for narrowly losing the 100m in the previous match; David Ronchetti (S) was 8th 29s. In The M35s High jumper Ian Gidley(L) managed a 4th 26.4s behind Kamal Kheldouni (S) 3rd in a PB 26.1s.

In the 800m; M35 gave outings for the first time this year to Vince Carrol (L) who had to work hard for 5th place 2:21.1s from Craig Hobson (S) 2:27.9 PB in his first track race for the club. The M40s claimed 5th with Gary Wallace 2:12.3 ahead of Brendon Moen (S) 2:26.6s 6th. M50 Terry Egan narrowly missed first with 2:24:6PB ahead of team mate Adrian White (S) 3rd 2:38.2s.

The 2Km walk produced more useful points. In the M50 race Keith Richard (L) set the pace, despite qualifying for M65s. He recorded his best time for several years 11:26.7s followed home by Mark Barrowclough (S) 2nd 11:44.1. The M35 race also had mainly 50+aged walkers; Steve Harris (L) was 3rd 11:57.1s and Dave Bunker 5th 14:52.3s.

Mike Aldridge(L) vet’s debut in the M35 3000m produced maximum points with 9:08.0s; Brendon (S) in his second outing of the day ran 10:24.8s for 6th. The M40 event gained Greg Spellman(L) 3rd 9:53.8s, and Brian Summers (S) 5th. M60 Maurice West (L), still complaining there were no hills on the track, ran 12:47.7s 3rd and on his first outing for the vets in years Eric Covill gained 6th 14:29.4s.

The Field eventers tend to multi task. For the Lions: Cowley won the M60 Triple Jump 9.91m, second M50 Long jump 4.39m, and 5th M60 Javelin 27.55m. Kevin Murch won the M40 Javelin 45.37m and M35 Shot 9.42m. John Moreland won the M50 Discus 43.04m and Ian Gidley tied for 1st place in the M40 HJ with 1.70m. For the Saints; Frank Blackwell threw 23.17m 3rd M50 Discus and jumped 1.30m HJ for 6th. John Gercs claimed 4th M40 Javelin 34.55m and 6th in the M35 shot 7.67m. John Love achieved 18.47m in the M60 javelin and Bunker 2.55m in the M50 LJ.

With the 4x400m relay to finish the scores looked tight, we had not got the discus and walk result sorted and there were only a handful of points between the teams. Charnwood stormed the race having brought new runners just for the relay. The lions quartet; Greaves, Wallace, Morrison and Egan ran 4:07.8 for 4th while Ronchetti, Kheldouni, Hobson, and White ran 4:20s for 6th. Lions were given as winners but then all waited for 2 weeks to get the final team positions.

R&N Lions 131, Charnwood 109, Tamworth 104, Leicester and R&N Saints =72, Harborough 70, Leamington 67, Nuneaton 65.

The women’s teams were struggling with absences and lack of numbers but due to a lot of multi eventing the Lions covered every event although the saints had only 1 sprinter. In the 200m; W60 saw a maximum for Sally Hine(L) in 33.6s with Val Cross 4th 43.9s. Jean Fail(L) won the W50 32.8s, Debbie Murch hung on to 4th in a very close W40 34.3s and Lesley Willis(L) gained 2nd 30.4s in the W35; in the 800m she also ran 2:47.5s for 3rd W40 ahead of Wendy Jennings (S) 3:51.4s. Nikki Durose was 6th in the W35 3:11.8s. The W50 race saw Angela Copson narrowly pushed back into second 2:45.8s with Heather Fiddament-Harris making a welcome return in 3:261s for 5th.

Again the walkers collected precious points, Tricia Garner (L) winning the W35 12:39.3s with Ann Rollins(S) 3rd 13:47s. The W50 gave the club 2nd, Carol Birch(L) 12:57.1s and Val Cross(S) 3rd 14:07s. It is interesting to note All the walkers were over 50, plus Ann, Val and Carol are all over 60 and performing well in younger age groups.

The 3000m gave Daisy Melville (L) her first Vets outing coming 3rd in W35 11:56.2 with ‘Maz’ Allen (S) 15:46.6 6th. Tricia was back in the W40 but only 6th 13:07.5s, followed Melanie Ackerman(S) 15:50.1. Angela returned for W60 winning in 11:32.8s followed home by Val in 17:25.6 2nd.

The field events were a rich source of points Lions scoring 35 out of a maximum 40 on offer. Jean Fail led off with triple Jump, her first for some years, but won the W35 with 8.38m. As she is 60 this is a new league record for W60. She also won the W60 Javelin 21.27m yet another record; Val(S) threw 9.37 for 3rd. Debbie gained second places in the LJ W50 3.10m and Discus W40 22.32m. Sally Hine dropped down to the W40 HJ recording 1.10m for 4th ahead of Wendy 1.05m 6th. Wendy also picked up appoint in the Discus 11.09m

The relay squad Durose, Copson, Hine and Willis (L) ran 5:20.3s for 3rd place while saints; Jennings, Fiddament –Harris, Allen, Ackerman were 5th 6:29s.

As with the men the results were in doubt for some time except lions were probably winners.

Team results; Lions 117, Leamington 97, Harborough 83, Charnwood 71, Nuneaton 53, Saints 50, Tamworth and Leicester =42.

After 2 rounds Overall League points and positions (* Ahead on points scored)

Men; Lions 15*, Charnwood 15, Tamworth 12, Saints 8.5, Leamington 7, Leicester 6.5, Nuneaton 4*, Harborough 4.

Women: Lions 15*, Leamington 15, Harborough 12, Charnwood 10, Saints 7, Nuneaton 6, Leicester 4.5, Tamworth 2.5.

Next match at; Rugby Wednesday 6th July 7.00pm